Basketball Jersey Team Design Ideas

First win of the season! by Emma Rubin - about 1 month ago

First Win Of The Season! T-Shirt Photo

"We're a relatively new school, and we added sports teams for the first time this year. Sporting their new CustomInk uniforms, our boys team won a buzzer-beater victory. The designers at CustomInk h..."   view full details

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Pretty and Powerful! by Deniesha - about 1 month ago

Pretty And Powerful! T-Shirt Photo

"We chose pink to support breast cancer awareness and to emphasize that girls in sports can be pretty and powerful as well. "   view full details

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2014 Blue Heat Perfect Season by 2014 Blue Heat Parents - about 1 month ago

2014 Blue Heat Perfect Season T-Shirt Photo

"The 6U Blue Heat celebrated their perfect season (8 - 0) in 2014 with "championship" t-shirts and a victory party in December. The kids loved the shirts especially with the team's roster on the ba..."   view full details

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Go Lady Guardians! by Lady Guardians - 2 months ago

Go Lady Guardians!  T-Shirt Photo

"The photo is a picture of our team of excellent girls who are passionate about the sport of basketball. We took the picture right after we passed out all the shirts and everyone was excited to put ..."   view full details

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"Fired Up" by Green Fire - 3 months ago

"Fired Up" T-Shirt Photo

"Our basketball team light a fire that burned green and then all the players were given their Green Fire t-shirts and we are now "FIRED UP" for our season."   view full details

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Widowmakers Win Big! by Gus Caravalho - 4 months ago

Widowmakers Win Big! T-Shirt Photo

"This is our Washington DC-based coed rec basketball team after our first win in our new Custom Ink jerseys. Ordering from Custom Ink was a fantastic experience and we ended up with exactly the jers..."   view full details

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The Traveling Pants by Andrea - 5 months ago

The Traveling Pants T-Shirt Photo

"Here you see best lady basketball team in all of Los Angeles. Go Traveling Pants!"   view full details

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Together we stand, champions! by - 6 months ago

Together We Stand, Champions! T-Shirt Photo

"Played in a basketball tournament in Atlanta. Everyone in this picture is family by blood or marriage and the only team that was 100% family based. We won the whole championship after losing our fi..."   view full details

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Shooting Stars basketball team by Design2 - 6 months ago

Shooting Stars Basketball Team T-Shirt Photo

"Hi we are the Shooting Stars Men's basketball team playing in Fabb Sports Basketball League in Forestville Maryland. As we sport our custom ink jerseys we want to say thank you for a quick turn aro..."   view full details

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SHA Alumnae Game by Katie B. - 6 months ago

Sha Alumnae Game T-Shirt Photo

"Needed shirts for an alumnae game that happens every summer and fast. I searched a few companies online that could design shirts and ship them within a week, and CustomInk was the only company that..."   view full details

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