Celebration Event T-Shirt Designs And Clipart

Add some fun to your big upcoming event with custom shirts, koozies, mason jars, lunch coolers, or more! Whether you're planning a charity walk, bachelorette party or a school fundraiser, CustomInk can help you make it even more special with celebratory event design ideas. Take a look at the customer photos below to see how rewarding it is to create personalized t-shirts and other speciality products.

Papa's 60th Birthday by Two Sons, Four Grandkids - about 1 month ago

Papa's 60th Birthday T-Shirt Photo

"For my father's 60th birthday, we wanted to create shirts all of us could wear for his "Birthday" cruise. We had pictures printed on shirts that matched the age of the person wearing it. In other..."   view full details

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Caribbean Booty by Caribbean Booty - about 1 month ago

Caribbean Booty T-Shirt Photo

"On January 25th, our team was in a chili cook off/car show. Our chili was a Caribbean jerk chicken chili. Our theme was a pirate theme. We definitely stood out in a great and fun way in our shirts...."   view full details

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Guns n' Olives by Bryant Miller Olive P.A. - about 1 month ago

Guns N' Olives T-Shirt Photo

"Our law firm, Bryant Miller Olive P.A., competed in an annual chili cook-off fundraiser to benefit the Legal Aid Foundation in Florida. Our team name and theme this year was "Guns n' Olives." The..."   view full details

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70's Party by Lovin' the 70's! - about 1 month ago

70's Party T-Shirt Photo

"Every year our company has a themed holiday party. This is the party planning committee, on the back of the shirt is the year we were born (all in the 70's but 1 of us) and our last name. This was ..."   view full details

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Friends of Kendo (the FOKs) Celebrating Life by FOKs (Friends of Kendo) - about 1 month ago

Friends Of Kendo (The Fo Ks) Celebrating Life T-Shirt Photo

"Missing our friend, Ken, we decided to wear him on our backs. This is our first Christmas without him, and the first loss of a friend from our tight-knit group. Thank you for this wonderful way to ..."   view full details

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Celebrating Life by FOKs (Friends of Kendo) - about 1 month ago

Celebrating Life T-Shirt Photo

"This is the first post-holiday get together after the passing of our Best Friend Kendo. It has drawn us closer. We love wearing him on our back! "   view full details

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Team Stevesy by Jedediah Demke - about 1 month ago

Team Stevesy T-Shirt Photo

"Our group pic before the San Francisco 2015 Brew Fest at Fort Mason, San Francisco; for a yearly reunion between college friends. That's Stevesy in front! This is our second year in a row doing gro..."   view full details

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Chilifest 2015 by Peter Lyons - about 1 month ago

Chilifest 2015 T-Shirt Photo

"We celebrated my Brother's 50th birthday at the Chilifest on Martha's Vineyard on January 24th. The hoodies were a big hit and made it easy to find everyone! Thanks for excellent service. Be..."   view full details

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Dad's 55th Birthday by - about 1 month ago

Dad's 55th Birthday  T-Shirt Photo

"Dad's 55th Birthday "   view full details

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Jess's Bachelorette Weekend by Kate - about 1 month ago

Jess's Bachelorette Weekend T-Shirt Photo

"I started out designing these shirts just for the bride and bridesmaids for a friend's wedding. Then as more people heard about the design, the mother of the bride, junior bridesmaids, and even ju..."   view full details

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