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Freak 50 Bike Hike by Danno - about 1 year ago

Freak 50 Bike Hike T-Shirt Photo

"This was the 3rd annual Mueller family bike hike known as the Freak 50. My Uncle is one of the primary riders who calls me "Nephew Freak" and since I "sponsor" the event, it has become known as the Freak 50 for the 50 miles we try to ride. We ride along the Little Miami Bike Trail near Cincinnati, OH."

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Before going out one night by Dj Lori j - about 1 year ago

Before Going Out One Night T-Shirt Photo

"Rocking the new shirt "

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A friends photo by Dj Lori j - about 1 year ago

A Friends Photo T-Shirt Photo

"Just trying out the new shirt"

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These people are all not Eric Steele by Brian - about 1 year ago

These People Are All Not Eric Steele T-Shirt Photo

"There is a real guy named Eric Steele. He has a t-shirt that says "I am Eric Steele". These people are most definitely not him."

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Team Compton by Team Compton - about 1 year ago

Team Compton T-Shirt Photo

"The girl with the long hair on the left and the guy in the middle own a restaurant in Brooklyn. The girl on the right is our chef of the restaurant. Chef Nina Compton will be on this seasons top chef and in the trailer for the upcoming season she was quoted saying "he's faker than Pamela Anderson's breasts" hence the quote on the front of the shirt. Made these shirts to support our good friend Nina Compton in the upcoming season! We love custom ink, always a great experience! "

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Pacing Ourselves by League Of Unextraordinary Gentleman - Fantasy Football League - about 1 year ago

Pacing Ourselves T-Shirt Photo

"Thank you CustomInk for getting these shirts to us earlier then originally projected. We will be ordering again and again."

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10 Guys and 1 Girl by Dave Decker - about 1 year ago

10 Guys And 1 Girl T-Shirt Photo

"10 good friends meet for the 21st year in a row (thus the 21 on the front of the jersey) to do our fantasy football draft, but this year, we had a cute girl to help us stay entertained for the weekend! (No, we don't mean that way, we are southern gentlemen!) The girl is Charlotte Grace and she's the 9 month old beauty of Chris, her father, who's lap she is gracing. This was our first year to have a cute girl there and our first year with official shirts...thanks to CustomInk for allowing the latter! Thanks, Dave"

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boys night out by wolfe - about 1 year ago

Boys Night Out T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk was amazing to work with. Fast and friendly; you guys are the best."

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The very important B 's by The VIB 's - about 1 year ago

The Very Important   B 'S T-Shirt Photo

"We are a group of women with every day challenges and Triumphs in life , that get together for a night of fun and call ourselves ". The Very important Bitches". Together with friendship and laughter We get through the great times and lifes challenges and we accept All women and are growing in numbers !!! "

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Fantasy Football Draft Night by SI FFL - about 1 year ago

Fantasy Football Draft Night T-Shirt Photo

"12 guys work at Sonic Innovations in Mpls/St Paul, MN that play fantasy football (SI FFL) together. We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary of playing fantasy football and we wanted to do something special so we ordered T-shirts from CustomInk. It was an easy and fun process designing the T-shirts. They turned out fantastic. We are extremely satisfied with our experience with CustomInk and will purchase again. The picture is a little fuzzy but I'm sure you can see we all are very happy. Thank you!"

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