Large Group T-Shirt Design Templates

Make your big group look even more impressive with custom large group t-shirts from CustomInk! As you can see from the photos below, custom tees make your large group look unified and they add to the fun as well. So jump in there and start designing your family reunion t-shirts, class t-shirts, youth group t-shirts, or any t-shirts for whatever big group you are involved in!

Tina's Team "2014" by Tina's Team - about 1 month ago

Tina's Team "2014" T-Shirt Photo

"Tina's Team 2014 was taking during the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Thank you Customink for printing a beautiful design."   view full details

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VA PRIDE by MSCPAC SMYRNA TN - about 1 month ago

Va Pride T-Shirt Photo

"T-Shirts were ordered as part of of organization desire to display pride in the workplace. Over 200+ shirts were ordered the first time, and then we did a 2nd design, and ended up placed another 1..."   view full details

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Flat tire fest 2014 by Kelly Pinheiro - about 1 month ago

Flat Tire Fest 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Everyone loved their shirt and will wear again, not just for the event. Good quality shirts and great printing. Plus nobody thinks mountain biking doesn't exist in Florida. Well it does and santos..."   view full details

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CMA Spirit Dance Clinic 2014 by Carol Merrill Academy of Dance - about 1 month ago

Cma Spirit Dance Clinic 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"October 25, 2014, Carol Merrill Academy of Dance held a spirit dance clinic in meridian ms for their students. The instructors were members of the Mississippi State University Pom Squad and Univers..."   view full details

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Be Better Wrestling Camp by Groveport Madison - about 1 month ago

Be Better Wrestling Camp T-Shirt Photo

"Each year, our wrestling team hosts the Be Better Wrestling Camp, inviting various teams from around the area. We have prided ourselves on our t-shirts. THIS YEAR WAS NO DIFFERENT!!!!!!! One of ..."   view full details

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Dancing with Pride by Jaguar Pride - about 1 month ago

Dancing With Pride T-Shirt Photo

"During Red Ribbon week I purchased 628 shirts for every student in our school. For Friday of Red Ribbon we had a dance-a-thon and every student wore their custom ink shirt. Look at the "sea" of yel..."   view full details

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Corner Fringe Women's Retreat by Corner Fringe Women's retreat - about 1 month ago

Corner Fringe Women's Retreat T-Shirt Photo

"This was our 2014 Corner Fringe Women's Fall Retreat. It was held at the Union Gospel Retreat Ctr in Shoreview, MN. Working with Customink was very pleasant. Even though we had a few problems, they..."   view full details

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Holy Moley We Love Custom Ink by Mole Day JCHS 2014 - about 1 month ago

Holy Moley We Love Custom Ink T-Shirt Photo

"Each year we have 50 or so Chemistry Students wake up at 6:02 AM on October 23rd and celebrate the Mole, a big number in Chemistry. 6.02 x 10^23 ... get in 6:02 on 10-23! We loved our shirts they ..."   view full details

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Senior Saturdays' Volunteers by - about 1 month ago

Senior Saturdays' Volunteers T-Shirt Photo

"Our group of 30-45 volunteers, provide a hot meal and party for our community area senior citizens each month. Senior Saturdays' typically has 160-180 senior citizens in attendance plus we deliver..."   view full details

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Class of 2016 Dominates at Spirit Day! by 2016 Term Council - about 1 month ago

Class Of 2016 Dominates At Spirit Day!  T-Shirt Photo

"We ordered over 200 of these t-shirts as part of our school tradition of spirit day. Our entire school goes to Bear Mountain, New York for a Junior vs. Senior football game. is a big ..."   view full details

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