Custom T-Shirts for small group

Zombie 5k Run! by Litasskick - over 1 year ago

Zombie 5k Run! T-Shirt Photo

"We ran for our lives during the N Cali run for your lives 5k obstacle course race.. It was hard but fun!"

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Pirate Fishing by Bianca - over 1 year ago

Pirate Fishing  T-Shirt Photo

"My lacrosse team was playing against our old coach who left us before the season started so we decided to make tshirts that said "pirate fishing" because we are the pirates and his name is fisher. We needed the tshirts promptly and customink was able to ship them in time. I was very satisfied with their service."

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Team Sugar Britches by Tournament with the girls - over 1 year ago

Team Sugar Britches T-Shirt Photo

"Cameo did an outstanding job! She was extremely personable and helpful! We couldn't ask for better customer service! Thanks Cameo! "

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A Cold Morning at the Parkinson's Run in OKC by Gloria's Racers for Parkinsons - over 1 year ago

A Cold Morning At The Parkinson's Run In Okc T-Shirt Photo

"Our family formed a team for Parkinson's 5K in OKC. We ran in honor of a family member with Parkinsons. It was a cold, blustery morning but our brightly colored shirts, helped our energy! Working with CustomInk was a GREAT experience! Your donation toward our effort was very touching to all of us!! We will definitely use you again!!"

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Cape Cod Ultra Ragnar 2013 by No Nutz... No Problem - over 1 year ago

Cape Cod Ultra Ragnar 2013 T-Shirt Photo

"Six women from RVA running almost 200 miles in Cape Cod. Yes, we were crazy for doing it, but it was lots of fun! We wanted to do it in style with awesome t-shirts that are super comfy and easy to have made. "

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Wiggio Nearly Naked Run 2013 by Wiggio's Nearly Naked Run 2013 - over 1 year ago

Wiggio Nearly Naked Run 2013 T-Shirt Photo

"Wiggio hosted a group charity run with Boston University students. Participating students received a free t-shirt made by CustomInk!"

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Toughmudder by Dirty Divers - over 1 year ago

Toughmudder T-Shirt Photo

"The experience with Customink was excellent and got everything when they said I would. "

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Sissy & Jesica by RNH Design & Development - over 1 year ago

Sissy & Jesica T-Shirt Photo

"Relay team members in OKC Memorial Marathon"

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Spin-a-Thon by Red Rocks! - over 1 year ago

Spin A Thon T-Shirt Photo

"When forming a team for a fundraising event at a local YMCA, we quickly realized that rate of redheaded teammates was much higher than what is observed in the general population. As such, we named our team "1/2 Redhead." To further our redheaded theme, we knew we needed team shirts. I have ordered from in the past with great results. And again, did not disappoint. We opted for a black athletic style shirt with the words "Red Rocks!" on the front along with a bicycle gear. The shirts turned out better than we expected and even the brunettes on the team enjoyed wearing them. Our event took place on April 27, 2013 just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was called a Spin Marathon. Over the course of three hours our team had to keep our stationary bike moving while accumulating as many miles as possible. Team 1/2 Redhead took second place, only a half mile behind the winning team. The CustomInk shirts certainly raised our excitement level by boosting our team spirit. "

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The GreenRR DreamRRR's by Shirley Viscarello - over 1 year ago

The Green Rr  Dream Rrr's T-Shirt Photo

"4th Grade Exhibition done at Whitby School. Final project for 4th graders before moving to the Upper School. The topic they researched and presented was building "green". The T-shirt was designed by one of the kids and perfected by the Custom Ink staff!"

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