Summer T-Shirt Design Ideas & Templates

Enjoy the hot weather in style with custom summer t-shirts from CustomInk! Whether your plans consist of summer camp, fun vacations, family reunions, sports, 4th of July parties or all of the above, you can make your good times even better with one-of-a-kind tees.

New swag makes us smile! by Conexess Summer Retreat - about 1 month ago

New Swag Makes Us Smile! T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken on our summer retreat in Kentucky. The shirts that we ordered from CustomInk turned out so well - we love how soft they are!"

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Terry's Tribe by Amanda Reynolds - about 1 month ago

Terry's Tribe T-Shirt Photo

"Every summer my family embarks on what we like to call a camping extravaganza. Last year interest was expressed in coordinating t-shirts for our trip and as the designated "social director" of the family, I was tasked with designing a custom t-shirt for event. Trying to please such a large crowd seemed quite the daunting task but Custom Ink made the job doable. We picked a bright green for our t-shirt color, making it easy to spot one another from a distance at the campground, and added personalized text which expressed our family bond. The front of our shirts were adorned with the title - Terry's Tribe, a tribute to my grandmother who had passed away 15 years prior. The back of our shirts were modeled after sports attire, personalized with everyone's name and family number. The numbers were distributed according to the order in which you entered into the family, either through birth or marriage. The #1 was reserved for my grandmother since she was the origin of our family. In all we total 37 strong and although all the members couldn't be there to enjoy our camping weekend, those of us who attended enjoyed showing off our family pride with our Custom Ink t-shirts. Although this photo is from last year, I am posting it now because we are currently getting ready to purchase this years edition. I was extremely pleased with Custom Ink's customer service that I am more than happy to return as a customer. When one of our shirts arrived with a name misspelled, Custom Ink was more than happy to correct the error and ship out a new shirt free of charge. With that said, I highly recommend Custom Ink. There apparel is a great way to personalize any occasion and I know my family is looking forward to placing our order for "Terry's Tribe 2014." "

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Sun's out... by tongue's out - about 1 month ago

Sun's Out... T-Shirt Photo

"It is going to be the best summer shirt ever. Summer and dogs, how does it get better? "

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Pedicab Peddlers! by Kelly B. - 2 months ago

Pedicab Peddlers! T-Shirt Photo

"Doing some guerrilla marketing against the competition by offering free rides with our name on it outside their conference!"

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Mission team by Ally W. - 3 months ago

Mission Team T-Shirt Photo

"These girls are going on a mission trip to Africa this summer! Our custom ink experience was fantastic and we LOVE our shirts. We even personalized them with our own patterns!"

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Summer Camp by DeAnn - 4 months ago

Summer Camp T-Shirt Photo

"Got these awesome shirts for my daycare kids to wear on field trips this summer! CustomInk made creating and ordering these shirts so easy! Wonderful customer service!"

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2013 Summer Mission Trip by Macedonia Youth Group - 5 months ago

2013 Summer Mission Trip T-Shirt Photo

"Our youth group participated in a week-long mission trip through "Impact The Valley" the week of July 14th 2013. Each day we worked in groups to provide much needed repairs for low income families throughout the Shenandoah Valley. CustomInk provided our group shirts. Our team wore them proudly throughout our week and the youth ministry continues to wear them regularly outside of the mission trip to proudly stand-out and represent our ministry program and our mission. "

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Getting Pitch Slap by Pitch Slap - 10 months ago

Getting Pitch Slap T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at the end of our summer season, We were waiting for our game to start. My experience with CustomInk has been outstanding!!! "

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The Kona Bunch by K-Funk - 10 months ago

The Kona Bunch T-Shirt Photo

"I made these t-shirts as a spin off of the classic "Camp Anawana" t-shirts from the early 90's children's classic "Salute Your Shorts". The picture of the cabin on the shirt (in place of the classic tee-pee) is a depiction of the exact same cabin we are all standing on the porch of. This group has gotten together every year since high school, for a week at the end of August, at this cabin, to ensure we do not lose contact with each other. We make sure everyone is doing well and share news and stories from the year that has just passed, and offer each other help where we can if someone is struggling. We lovingly refer to this place "Camp Kona" which is reflected in the shirt. We felt it would be fitting to all take a picture wearing our shirts on the actual porch that is depicted on the shirts as well. These shirts were A HIT! Everyone loved them and felt as though they could hold onto a little piece of Camp Kona in their hearts and in their hands, all year long! We called this "The Kona Bunch" photo, a parody of "The Brady Bunch". These t-shirts made an already amazing Thanks Custom Ink!"

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7th Annual Crabs and Cold Ones Fest by Crabs and Cold Ones - 11 months ago

7th Annual Crabs And Cold Ones Fest T-Shirt Photo

"This was the fourth year that we used Custom Ink to design the t-shirts worn for our annual summer 'Crabs and Cold Ones Fest'. We have a tight group of friends that have been together for close to 20 years now, and each summer, we get together for crabs, brews, outside games, and to just have a blast together. Our shirts have a different theme each year depending on what has gone on with our group, and this year, the back of our shirts read, "Crabs, Bohs, and O's". "

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