Team Jommy LIver Life Walk

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"This photo was taken at the Indianapolis Liver Life Walk. My family does this walk every year in honor of my husband who had a liver transplant in 2002. This year his friend who also had a transplant joined our team so it was extra special. I had a great experience working with CustomInk, they had great design ideas and they were very efficient with the whole printing process. We actually received our shirts ahead of schedule which was nice. Some of our walkers signed up late and it was no hassel to order a couple more shirts. We will definitely be recommending and using CustomInk in the future. I would have to say the greatest part was when CustomInk actually donated to our cause, it was refreshing, not many businesses do that." - Jennifer White (May 15, 2011)

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comment by Guest - Apr 28, 2012 - back to the top

When the state Hepatoxicity, they mean anycause that would cause dmaage to the livercells. This could be 1. alcohol consumption,2.medication toxification, 3. chemical exposure,4.bile ducts being obstructed/malformed/infection inside which would cause thebile to back up into the liver and the bileacid and minerals may dmaage the cells5. viral infection where a virus has enteredthe body and is using the liver cells toreplicate itself (Hepatitis A,B,C,etc)6. Fatty liver disease that can be causedby alcohol or weight gain, diabetes,insulin resistance, etc. 7. Auto immunedisease where the body immune systemattacks the body's own cells 8. hereditaryconditions. And there are others.When the cells of the liver become dmaage,the immune system of the body will respondto this and cause inflammation to developinside the liver. This can cause the liverto enlarge in size. If the cause is stoppedand the inflammation is treated .the livercells can heal.If it is not, it can cause liver failure.Liver failure starts when the cells of the liverare no longer able to do the functions tokeep the body well. This starts to occurwhen the cells become so dmaaged thatthey start to die off and formation ofscar tissue forms inside the liver.The scar tissue will then block the flowof blood through the liver and also to theliver cells which causes more cells to die.It is a progressive disease, known asCirrhosis of the liver. Liver failure isalso an ongoing process as morecells die the more the functions theliver does, as a whole, will continue todeteroriate .until the liver finally goesinto Complete liver failure where it canno longer help the body and the liveris almost completely dead and the patientwill die if they don't have a transplant.You need to be with either a gastroenterologistor hepatologist now. If they believe yourliver has inflammation, they may do anultrasound to be sure. Be sure to tellthe doctor all medications you are taking:over the counter med, over the counterpain meds, vitamins, mineral, herbs,supplements, etc and even drugs thatyou are on that are prescribed by otherdoctors. Medication go through theliver first to be broken down beforegoing to the rest of the body.The very best test to find out if someonehas cirrhosis is a liver biopsy.I hope this information has been of somehelp to you.