Custom Watches

Modify Watches Exclusively at Custom Ink

Show your style and bring your groups together by making custom watches. Customize everything from the face to the strap to make it your own.

Styles for all groups and occasions


Go the distance with this rugged piece.

3ATM water-resistant

38mm face


Make a statement with this cool classic.

5ATM water-resistant

38mm face


Show a softer side with this delicate design.

5ATM water-resistant

30mm face

Watch out

Whether you are building your brand, rallying your team, or gathering your group, custom watches will bring your people together and help you stand out from the crowd.

Band together

Strap in for a fun time with just the band for you. Whether you like sporty silicone or a sleek leather look, we've got you covered with stylish, interchangeable bands.

Dial In

Choose your style; put your logo, image, or design on the face; and select a band color and style to make this custom watch all your own.

Custom watches are

If you’re sporty, soft, or somewhere in between, customize a watch that matches you and your group’s style.

Bring your group together with an unexpected custom gift that shows what you have in common every day or make a unique corporate gift that lets them show that they belong.

Make it yours by choosing the look and feel of your custom watch. Customize everything from the face to the band to have something totally different and completely you.


Get Started

Hi, there! Given the unprecedented circumstances around COVID-19, we’ve temporarily paused production on all custom watch orders. We hope to be up and running again soon. 

In the meantime, we’re committed to supporting your other custom gear needs—check out our full product catalog to get started.

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