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Help Ashley get her life saving Diabetic Alert Dog!

Organized by Ashley Thomas
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Help Ashley get her life saving Diabetic Alert Dog! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt

Buy a shirt to support Type 1 diabetes awareness and Diabetic Alert Dogs!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Ashley Thomas, the organizer for a diabetic alert dog.
$170 raised
14 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt, Unisex - Royal
Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt
Unisex - Royal
Organized by Ashley Thomas

About this campaign

puppiesjpgpupsjpg The past two years have bn an interesting journey.
I was sick a lot- a WHOLE lot. From the time I was 12 until now, I can't really remember a time where I felt great or what most people consider normal. Even after all the doctor visits and hospital stays, I never found an answer. Then about 2 years ago, I moved across the country to Lubbock, Texas. I had no idea what Lubbock would hold for me.
I was used to feeling like crud all the time and gotten to the point where it felt useless to go to the doctor. Finally after some convincing from my sister, I went to a walk in clinic. Now I imagine I must have looked terrible because the concerned looks the nurses were giving me made me feel a little uneasy. When I saw the doctor, she sat down next to me and asked if I knew I was diabetic. Diabetic? What?
I went straight to the ER where I spent the next week learning all about Type 1 diabetes and how my life was about to change. Here we are 2 years later, and my life is still full of trips to the ICU. It seems no matter how many doctor visits or adjustments, I haven't gotten any closer to normal.
I can't detect when my blood sugar is high or low and this has made daily activities pretty tough. It is my hope that with the assistance of a diabetic alert dog, I can continue to work and pick up some activities I miss so dearly.
Here is where I need your help! If you don't already know, a service dog is very expensive. There is a lot of time and training that is involved. Over the next year, I need to raise $15,000. I know that with the love and support of you guys, I can reach that goal!
Thank you so much for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and/or financial support. I genuinely appreciate it all!


Anonymous 1 item
Grandma 1 item
Mom 1 item
Rose 1 item

Friend of a friend

Jen, Beth & Randi 3 items

We love you and hope you reach your goal!

Anonymous 1 item
Tracy moore 1 item
Jenny 1 item + $10

Ashley is a sister and a friend!! I hope this helps you to your goal :)

Anonymous 1 item
Stacey 1 item


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