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Al Robles Express

Organized by Manilatown Heritage Foundation
Al Robles Express Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Al Robles Express Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Al Robles Express shirt design - zoomed
Al Robles Express shirt design - zoomed
Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt

Help us raise funds for the Al Robles Express!

All funds raised will go directly to MANILATOWN HERITAGE FOUNDATION .
66 items sold
$1,080 raised
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Manilatown Heritage Foundation

About this campaign

The Manilatown Heritage Foundation and the International Hotel Manilatown Center need your help!

We are thrilled to have received funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission to produce the “Al Robles Express” documentary, a film that will follow four close friends of the beloved activist poet Al Robles as they take a tribute journey to the Philippines to explore the places and the metaphors that infused the late poet’s literary work.

Your generous donation of $25 will help offset the production costs of artists Oscar Penaranda, Tony Robles, Lou Syquia and Tony Remington as they take their journey, create the film and present it to the community in June 2019.


The Manilatown Heritage Foundation was founded in 2003 to preserve the legacy of the historic Manilatown district of San Francisco and to commemorate the 1977 International Hotel Eviction. We currently produce family-friendly, working-class affordable educational programs in the areas of Arts & Culture, Historic Manilatown and Community Advocacy.

The Al Robles Express documentary is one of our Historic Manilatown projects, preserving and presenting the stories of our Manilatown neighborhood, our International Hotel legacy and our current I-Hotel community so that our voices will always be accessible to future generations.

Designed by Bayani Art, the Al Robles Shirt is our Thank You Gift to you for supporting this very special project. Just as Manong Al’s words are timeless and nourish our soul to this day, we hope that this commemorative design also captures for you the empowering heart-centered mentor that Manong Al continues to be for so many of us.

Long live Al Robles at the I-Hotel!!


Keiko Kubo 3 items

The I Hotel was an important event/struggle in my political development. Also spending time with the tenants humanized my work. Domingo said -Keep on Fighting

Anonymous 1 item

The road to Ifugao Mountain goes through Manilatown

Indra Mungal 1 item + $10
Taiyo Ebato 1 item
jake E vermaas 1 item

keep the memory alive!

Stephanie Lowe 1 item

In memory of Al Robles, Bill Sorro, and Pete Yamamoto

Chirag Bhakta 2 items
Joe Aquilizan 1 item
Lolita C. Kintabar 1 item

Al was a volunteer at the Senior Center where I used to work. He helped and inspired many seniors at the Center.

Ray 1 item


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