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AccSalaRate Campaigns

Continuing our book’s theme of generosity, the Salamander logo becomes our stamp for giving back. Each month, we partner with non-profit organizations and charities to launch new Salamander logo t-shirt sales campaigns, with the goal of helping to bring awareness and dollars to their fundraising efforts.

The process is simple. Salamander t-shirts get co-branded with the organization’s logo (on the sleeve) and color-coded in the colors of each partnering organization. We then go to market and sell that t-shirt to everyone who believes in our efforts and also everyone who believes in that organization’s cause. Campaigns are typically short two to four weeks efforts, but they produce tangible benefits in the form of funds raised and awareness about that organization’s cause.

At the end of the campaign, we donate a percentage of the proceeds to that organization. Awesome right? Bookmark this page and check in regularly, we're adding more and more partners every day!