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Calling all Warriors & Protectors!

Organized by Alex Lanshe
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Calling all Warriors & Protectors! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Calling all Warriors & Protectors! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Calling all Warriors & Protectors! shirt design - zoomed
Calling all Warriors & Protectors! shirt design - zoomed
Hanes Cool Dri Performance Shirt

If you believe our nation needs more virtuous warriors & protectors to serve and protect in all walks of life - join our fight & show your support of your belief by investing in and wearing the ultimate symbol of a warrior: The Heart Shield

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Alex Lanshe, the organizer for To support the author financially to ensure him the freedom to live, create, write, market, promote & network appropriately so that the book can reach as many people who share in our beliefs as possible. .
$750 raised
34 items sold of
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Cool Dri Performance Shirt, Unisex - Black
Hanes Cool Dri Performance Shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Alex Lanshe

About this campaign


If you purchase a T-shirt you will have your name included in the book under the Acknowledgements section – NOTE: This can only be done for you if you leave your full name (as you like it to appear in the book) and an email address.

Direct all questions to


If you make an additional donation of any amount, you will be entered into a random drawing to receive an autographed, hardcover copy of the book, Anatomy of a Warrior. 10 winners will be selected.


1) Share this campaign on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and share it with Alex Lanshe. Every post you share with Alex will count as an extra chance to win the autographed, Hardcover 1st edition of Anatomy of Warrior.


The highest 40 ADDITIONAL donations made (i.e.: funds donated beyond the initial T-shirt purchase) will automatically win the special honor of jumping on an exclusive video broadcast with author Alex Lanshe to discuss the virtues of a protector before the book is released.

In addition, special guests from the 118 person interviewee list will also be invited to hop on the broadcast: see the TELL YOUR STORY section below to see some of the people who were interviewed for this historic book.

To be one of the highest 40, you must be one of the 40 highest “bidders". Some have already donated $100.00 or more (to give you a rough idea of where to start). Once the campaign closes, the Top 40 will be notified and dates to hold the video broadcast will be selected.

The Top 40 will also all receive Bonus items 1 and 2 with a special designation in the Acknowledgements as to being the Top 40 donors from the Anatomy of a Warrior T-shirt fundraiser.

All funds collected will support the author, Alexander Lanshe. It will be used to help market, promote, and to pay for professional services such as cover design, editing, audio book creation, travelling, networking, etc. and to take care of the author’s personal expenses so that full attention can be given to writing, researching, creating and publishing the book.

As spoken by the author, Alex Lanshe:

“I set out to discover exactly what virtues a warrior must cultivate in their heart to do their job well. What is a warrior’s job? That of protecting others. The goal of my new book, Anatomy of a Warrior, is to discover just what these virtues are. To accomplish this goal, I interviewed 118 professional warriors and protectors over a span of 2.5 years who have served in roles ranging from: US Army Rangers; US Navy SEALS; US Green Berets; Police Officers of various ranks; Professional Tactical Trainers; Martial Artists from various systems; US Marines; Former Government Agents; Executive Protectors; US Air Force Fighter Pilots; Former POW’s; New York Times and Pulitzer-Prize nominated Authors; martial scientists; survivors of real world deadly force encounters ranging from home invasions, rape attacks, war, and police shootouts; Firearm Trainers; US Army Veterans; US Navy Veterans; Texas Rangers; US Army Combat Medics; and more!

Many of the individuals I interviewed are names you would recognize such as:
- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Author of Pulitzer-Prize nominated book, On Killing and renowned expert on the psychology and physiology of violence
- Kenneth Murray, Author of Training at the Speed of Life, police & military trainer
- Michael Dorn, Author, Leading expert on school safety and founder of Safe Havens Int’l
- Donn Kraemer, SWAT responder to Columbine Massacre
- Chuck Taylor Vietnam Veteran, Master Firearms trainer & author
- Col. Philip Kurman (RET), Army Ranger, PhD in psychology; certified to instruct Dave Grossman’s Bulletproof Mind seminars
- Dr. Alexis Artwohl Author of Deadly Force Encounters, speaker, researcher and psychologist
- Jeff Hall, Author & sniper featured on History Channel’s: Deadliest Missions
- Gordon Graham, California Highway Patrol, Juris Doctorate, Risk Management Consultant
- Ron McCarthy Legendary LAPD Officer
- John Mason Navy SEAL; Co-creator of SEAL Team 6
- Col. Kevin Benson (RET), Key member who planned Iraq invasion
- Patrick Van Horne, USMC, Author of Left of Bang
- David Scott Mann(RET), Green Beret, author of Game Changers; Founder of Stability Group
- Dr. Sudip Bose(RET), Army Captain; longest serving combat medic since WWII; treated Saddam Hussein after capture; national speaker; creator of the military veteran charity The Battle Continues.
- Massad Ayoob Legendary deadly force expert, police trainer, expert witness and author of In the Gravest Extreme
- Greg Allen El Paso, TX Chief of Police (safest major city 3 years running)
- Howard Clark Runner of Stability Institute, writes on Radicalization, Marine Intelligence Advisor, PhD from King's College
- Rory Miller Author of Meditations on Violence, Conflict Communication and other works; RET 17 year corrections officer; full time writer and national trainer
- Frank Shankwitz, 42 year Police Officer; Co-creator of the Make-A-Wish Foundation; author and national speaker
- Randy Sutton, Author of True Blue: To Protect and Serve; national spokesperson for Blue Lives Matter, most highly decorated LEO in Las Vegas history
- Gavin de Becker, Founder of GDBA; author of NYT Best-seller, The Gift of Fear, Renowned expert in the field of threat assessment and violence prediction
- Tom Taylor, Legendary Executive Protector who has worked details for 8 US Governors, Mikhail Gorbachev, & Margaret Thatcher
- And more!

After conducting these interviews, I distilled the 7 most commonly mentioned virtues into the content of the book – these virtues shall be revealed when the book is released. Some you can likely guess, but some do not readily come to mind.

In addition to discovering these virtues, I created a symbol to encapsulate the virtues, feeling and core beliefs of a warrior and protector. The story of that symbol is below.” – Alexander Lanshe, author of Anatomy of a Warrior and founder of

What does the Heart Shield Symbolize? It symbolizes our core beliefs - why we do what we do.

We believe that the shield is the universal symbol for protection. The anatomical heart inside the shield reminds you of exactly what you are protecting – real people with beating hearts.

The shield is jagged because it, like you, is not perfect; but that doesn’t mean the shield doesn’t do its job – it protects no matter how perfect or un-perfect it is – we believe that you don’t need to be perfect to protect yourself or others. In fact, if a shield has been through battles, it isn’t going to be perfectly smooth – how are you any different?

The heart is said to be where virtue resides and proceeds from – this symbol reminds you to protect your heart & guard your heart. We believe that if your heart is protected, you can protect the hearts of others.

We believe that virtue is worth striving for and that the content of your character is more important in being a good protector than knowing a certain fighting technique or owning lots of weapons. We believe that virtue is what makes your character.

Every time you put on this shirt & look at the Heart-Shield symbol, you will be encouraged to upgrade your heart into a weapon of righteousness and good. It reminds you to live the life of a protector and a warrior. We believe this is the highest calling you can possess – to be a protector. Do you believe what we believe?

When you put on this shirt, you are declaring that you are a protector and human shield for the weak, defenseless and weary. You are declaring that you believe in freedom and that you are willing to fight to protect those freedoms.

You are joining with the 118 brave men and women that were interviewed for the book that inspired the creation of this symbol and shirt. Your support will ensure that this book is brought to life and published.

We are a small company seeking to self-publish this incredible book so that we can retain full creative and innovative control of our destiny. We are doing this because we believe in the core values of freedom, personal responsibility, doing the right thing no matter the personal cost, and in doing to others as you would have them do unto you.

When you wear this shirt, you remind yourself to focus on virtue, to focus on protecting and to focus on being better today than you were yesterday - not just for yourself, but for others.

We believe that a protector and a warrior will be judged by how well they serve others.

When you wear this ultimate symbol of protection, you remind yourself of all these things & take up the mantle of the highest calling in the world - to live and walk as a warrior & protector.

"When what you do becomes indistinguishable with who you are, you know you are a protector." - Massad Ayoob

If you share in our beliefs, we invite you to show it by investing in a shirt and sharing this campaign with your friends and who family who share in our beliefs too. We don’t want just anyone to wear this shirt and symbol – only those who believe what it symbolizes and what we stand for. If this is you, grab your t-shirt now and share with other like-minded people.


Curtis Cook 1 item

Alex took the time to interview true professionals that have been there and done that. Those that could speak from real life experiences. I support anything that teaches people to have a warrior mindset and prepares them to be protectors.

Julie Carrier $100

Alex is an extraordinary young man who cares deeply about making our world better, stronger and more courageous! I'm excited about your book, Alex!

Steve Bentz 1 item
Rebecca Sinchok 1 item
Faith Lanshe 3 items
Leslie Flohr 2 items
Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 6 items
Curtis Duffey 1 item

Alex has been a friend, mentor and punching bag for years. Plus it's a cool shirt!

virgil 1 item + $50


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