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The ArTmor Project 2 Launch Fundraiser

Organized by Matt Hunsworth
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The ArTmor Project 2 Launch Fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
The ArTmor Project 2 Launch Fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
The ArTmor Project 2 Launch Fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
Hanes Tagless T-shirt

Help launch The ArTmor Project 2

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Matt Hunsworth, the organizer for ArTmor Project Raw Materials.
$330 raised
27 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Tagless T-shirt, Unisex
Hanes Tagless T-shirt
Organized by Matt Hunsworth

About this campaign

Last year The ArTmor Project raised over $10,000 for the Star Wars In Character Podcast annual Toys for Tots fund raiser, resulting in the purchasing of 1,138 individual toys for the Philadelphia area Toys for Tots. Now, the project returns, with bigger and better!

The ArTmor Project is returning with "The ArTmor Project 2" with a bigger and better goals for the 2014 holiday season. We are currently planning out the launch of the 2nd ArTmor Project and we are looking to raise funds for the raw materials to make as distribute the blank armor sets to a new round of talented and generous artists. Funds from every shirt purchased will be going directly into the purchase raw materials and fabrication of the blank armor sets. Like last year, every penny collected in the ArTmor project will be used and maximized in our annual Toys for Tots toy drive. To see last years complete artworks, visit the ArTmor Project website here. Some of last years completed pieces: pieces1jpg "ArTmor Diorama": dioramajpg "The Fett with no name": fettwithnonamejpg 1,138 toys delivered to the Philadelphia area toys for tots at the Winter Festival in Phoenixville, PA: toys1jpgtoys2jpgtoys0jpgtoys3jpg


Kristin M. 1 item

Awesome project for an awesome cause!

Lucas McCoy 1 item

Contributed the ManDeLorean submission last year and can't wait to be involved again this year!

The Quackenbush 1 item

I'm a huge fan of the Neozaz podcasts across the board, and loved hearing how well last year's ArTmor project went last year and wanted to help this years cause!

Jason Chanze 1 item

I respect these guys for their efforts to support toys for tots and want to do my part to bring star Wars to a new generation and make their Christmas bright.

Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 1 item
Cory Dacy 1 item

I support this campaign because these guys entertain us for hundreds of hours, and they asked nicely.

Anonymous 1 item
DarthRicky 1 item + $25

I got drunk and lost a bet :-P

Ray 1 item + $25

Star Wars+Kids+Toys. Need I say more? The SWIC guys do an even better job at brightening children's holidays as they entertain us with their podcast.


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