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Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS!

Organized by Sheila Reilly
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Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! shirt design - zoomed
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! shirt design - zoomed
Valucap Bio-Washed Hat
  • Sizes Adult

Accessorize! Stay warm and show your warm heart with a hat that supports BFDR's lifesaving work!

All funds raised will go directly to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue
$2,640 raised
144 items sold of
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Valucap Bio-Washed Hat, Unisex
Valucap Bio-Washed Hat
  • Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
  • Big Fluffy Dog Rescue HATS! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
Organized by Sheila Reilly

About this campaign

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue works tirelessly to save lost, abandoned, and neglected dogs who have no one else in their corner. Specializing in their namesakes, giant breed dogs who may or may not be fluffy, they truly work miracles, giving love, care, and the promise of tomorrow to dogs at risk of euthanasia.


Please note - these items are embroidered and so take a little longer to produce - hats should arrive to purchasers approximately 17 days after the Booster closes.

At 200 hats sold, we will raise about $2,850 from hat sales! Amount shown below is ONLY additional donations, not funds raised from hat sales!

Many of our dogs come from kill shelters in southern states where spay neuter laws do not exist and where the pet overpopulation problem is critical. Hundreds of thousands of extremely adoptable dogs and puppies are euthanized every year in the South as there simply are not enough homes for the dogs that end up in these shelters. Many times, a perfectly healthy dog has just three days to find a home before facing death at the end of a needle, or worse, a gas chamber.We rescue dogs from southern sheltersand house them in foster homes in the South until they are ready to come to either an adoptive home or a foster home in the New England area. We use a USDA- licensed transport company to bring dogs from the South to New England. Transport is a weekly occurrence and fosters and adoptive homes meet the transport at points from Virginia to New Hampshire. Many times adoptions are long-distance and a dog goes directly from our southern foster homes to a northern home. We encourage our adopters to talk to the foster parents to learn about the dog they are interested in. If a dog is locally fostered near an applicant, we are happy to schedule a meet and greet.

BFDR can't do what it does without the invaluable support of adopters, fosters, and donors. Adorn your noodle in style and help dogs in real need. Then spread the word far and wide by sharing this Booster on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or email. Your help will save a life - literally.

Thank you!



Anonymous 1 item

BFDR is instrumental in giving thousands of pooches better lives!

Erika A 1 item

LOVE what BFDR does for the dogs out there looking for a new home!

Dawn Fink 1 item

The bigger and fluffier the better - love them!

Doni's dogs 1 item

I have started a collection of baseball caps with animals/dogs messages on them. This is only my second purchase but I am thrilled it is going to help the animals I care most about.

Anonymous 1 item

All of you do amazing, often thankless work - thank you!! I have a special soft spot for Jean, she's my hero.

Anonymous 1 item + $10
Kelly Engbrecht 1 item + $5

I support animal rescue groups whenever I can, and BFDR is one of the best! Thanks for all you do!

Susan Ofsa 1 item
Nori & Luna 1 item + $25

Thanks for helping our fellow dogs!

Connie Menice 2 items

I love the work that BFDR is doing and will support the effort any way I can.


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