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Black Rock Coalition 30th Anniversary Limited Edition T-Shirt

Organized by laronda davis
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Black Rock Coalition 30th Anniversary Limited Edition T-Shirt Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Black Rock Coalition 30th Anniversary Limited Edition T-Shirt Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Black Rock Coalition 30th Anniversary Limited Edition T-Shirt shirt design - zoomed
Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt

BRC is turning 30. Buy a shirt and help us make things happen...

All funds raised will go directly to BLACK ROCK COALITION INC
$140 raised
14 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Black
Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by laronda davis

About this campaign

Nothing says I support progressive Black musicians like a BRC t-shirt. It's our mission, it's your passion, so let e'rybody see. Learn more about our work and our 30th anniversary celebration at

In the Fall of 1985, a small group of New York musicians, writers and fans—fed up with the straitjackets being forced upon them due to cultural disconnect informed by skin color—founded The Black Rock Coalition. Their goal was multifold: champion artists of color who were producing music beyond the industry’s narrow parameters (R&B, hip hop and jazz); demand access to the same creative and artistic windows of opportunity that their White counterparts were enjoying as a matter of course; honor and recognize pioneers that have been forgotten and mis-categorized by mainstream media outlets; educate up-and-coming artists on the business side of working within the music industry.

A full 30 years later, it is abundantly clear that Black Rock isn't some dreamt up construct.

Black Rock is, was and has always been, here.

And it’s not going away.

Today, the Black Rock Coalition continues to serve its nonprofit mission, for its global membership and the community at large, through six national programs:

• Black Rock Coalition Orchestra

• BRC Showcase

• Black Rock Coalition Records

• BRC University

• BRC Community • BRC Media

We welcome, cherish, and channel your support. Thank you for the decades.


Anonymous 2 items

for all the tomorrows

Jeff Davis 1 item + $10

Because of its great work

Barry 'Bee'' 1 item
Tim Rowe 2 items + $10

Black Rock, baby.

Alison 1 item
Erich Cross 1 item

I've been a follower of the BRC since 1985 when I heard about them through an interview with Vernon Reid in Spin magazine. Growing up back then I didn't see many of "us" into rock and I was happy to find out I wasn't alone

Paul 1 item
Anonymous 1 item


Paula Green 1 item
Nelson Davis 1 item


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