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Sport Your Support

Organized by Jesse Jacobs
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Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt

Strengthen our Community Through Art

All funds raised will go directly to KEARNEY AREA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION
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Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt, Unisex - Heather Radiant Orchid
Gildan Softstyle Jersey T-shirt
Unisex - Heather Radiant Orchid
Organized by Jesse Jacobs

About this campaign

Help us continue bringing a more vibrant art scene to downtown Kearney, with The Brickwalk Project!

We are raising funds to help with our gallery's monthly operation costs (rent and supplies, paving the way for our other projects). These funds will go a long way in moving us forward to strengthen our community through art.

Your Impact on The Brickwalk Project's art enrichment efforts will help us create a vibrant and flourishing cultural landscape in Kearney.

The Brickwalk Project serves as a cornerstone in the development of Kearney's art scene, aiming to promote creativity, community engagement, and economic vitality. By supporting our initiatives, you contribute to a cultural renaissance that not only beautifies our city but also creates lasting impacts on local artists and residents.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

1. Gallery Rent Fund: Your contribution directly supports the operation of The Brickwalk Gallery, enabling us to maintain a space where local artists can showcase their work and the community can gather to appreciate and celebrate art.

2. "Kickin' Bricks" Concert and Street Dance: Funds raised will initiate the "Kickin' Bricks" concert and street dance family event in September, bringing the community together through music, dance, and a shared celebration of our vibrant culture.

3. "Kearney's Art Alley" Project: Your support fuels our vision for the transformation of the alley stretching from the Brickwalk Gallery to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) into a dynamic cultural hub. This project includes mural installations, lighting enhancements, and an annual downtown art fair, attracting tourism and fostering creativity in our community.

4. Creating a More Vibrant Art Scene: Donations contribute to our broader goal of creating a more vibrant art scene in Kearney, ensuring that the arts become an integral part of our community's identity and daily life.

5. Regional Art Auction Event: Your generosity lays the groundwork for a major art auction event. We aspire to collaborate with other local development projects, bringing visitors and high-end art to Kearney through a regional art auction. This event not only elevates our cultural standing but also stimulates economic growth.

Join Us on this Artistic Journey

The Brickwalk Project envisions a Kearney where the arts thrive, where creativity is celebrated, and where our community is united through shared cultural experiences.

Your support is crucial to realizing this vision.

Thank you for considering a donation to The Brickwalk Project.

Together, let's build a legacy of art, culture, and community in Kearney.


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