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Little Children Big Voices

Organized by Hayla Henson
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Help fight the corrupt courts!!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Hayla Henson, the organizer for All legal fees .
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
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Organized by Hayla Henson

About this campaign

A61E0219-C4A8-4808-AEBE-2D50824723F4jpegMy world got destroyed on August 23rd, 2018. Though it’s a religious and medical exemption state, my rights were violated and the judge also wrote a false statement in the court papers. He stated I said I was pregnant with a third child and that’s not the case. It was never asked and I’m definitely not pregnant!! He also stated her dad has been involved with my daughter since 2016, well she was born in 2013 and I’ve obviously been involved since day 1. I needed to move back down south where I’m from because living up north was expensive and we were going to be homeless because rent required $3,000 to move in. My now husband and I didn’t want that for my daughter and our son. The parenting plan I wanted was that I have my daughter for the school year and her dad have her summer/spring and we alternate holidays. Her dad wanted everything and I only get to see her on holidays. The judge granted knowing I already had her very own room for my daughter, her brother & close family down here, making much better money and building our first family home. Her dad doesn’t even have a bedroom for our daughter. Instead a little corner in his own room that his girlfriend lives in as well, at hIs Mother’s house. I don’t know what to do or where to turn but I really need to make amazing sales so I can hire a psychologist, experts and whatever else needed to prove that’s not okay for an almost 5 year old little girl!! This was totally wrong for the judge to do knowing the laws in allowing relocation!!! I am her mother!! Her dad even admitted in court that he was waiting for his girlfriend to finish school then get a better job so that they could finally afford an apartment because he only works 2 days a week... meanwhile I have a room waiting for her, my husband is contractor, and I run my own business. I feel broken and her brother misses playing with her <\3

Please share our story and fundraiser so we can save money and fight this!!! I want my daughter to know that mommy didn’t leave her, because that’s not the case whatsoever. I didn’t want to be homeless with my children and moving back down south was the smartest option. I wish the judge would face facts and leave his opinions at home. We need a miracle


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I know what it's like to be with a less than stellar parent and this hit home for me.


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