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Burning Amp Festival '23 Zenductor T-shirt

Organized by Tom V (BAF'23 Organizer)
Po68253767 front
Burning Amp Festival '23 Zenductor T-shirt Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Burning Amp Festival '23 Zenductor T-shirt Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Burning Amp Festival '23 Zenductor T-shirt shirt design - zoomed
Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck T-shirt

Get your t-shirt shipped to your home, after Burning Amp, around October 25th.

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Tom V (BAF'23 Organizer), the organizer for Burning Amp Festival '23.
$1,080 raised
72 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck T-shirt, Tee - Black
Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck T-shirt
Tee - Black
Organized by Tom V (BAF'23 Organizer)

About this campaign

Burning Amp returns for the 15th time with the Wine Country edition at the beautiful Petaluma Community Center. Two days live + Zoom Sunday. This is the commemorative t-shirt and the place to order if you are not attending in person. If you want a t-shirt to wear at Burning Amp look for information on ordering at or


Bob Flocchini 1 item + $10
robert grant daerr 1 item + $10

Admiration of NP and his single ended amps.

Mike DeHaan 1 item + $10
Anonymous 2 items
David DeLeon 1 item

I would attend Burning Amp in person if I lived closer. Buying a T-shirt is the next best thing I can do.

Günter 1 item

Love power amps for 50 years

Anonymous 1 item + $25

Love Amps :-)

Jeffrey Teuber 2 items

I support what you do versus the regrettably common fashion of $100,000+ amps, etc. Plus, I love Nelson Pass.

Bryan D. Carpenter 2 items + $10

I make this donation in the name of Dr. Ted wood who taught Musical Acoustics at Cleveland State U. many years ago, and introduced me to high power amp design and DiyAudio.

Alfred Hesener 1 item + $10

Because the DIYAUDIO folks are doing a lot of good stuff, and I want to contribute. Keep it up!


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