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Coping With LM's 2021 Holiday Ornament Fundraiser

Organized by Stephanie
Po52840105 front
Coping With LM's 2021 Holiday Ornament Fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Coping With LM's 2021 Holiday Ornament Fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
Round Wood Ornament

purchase an ornament to help support children with life-threatening airway disorders!

All funds raised will go directly to COPING WITH LARYNGOMALACIA INC
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Round Wood Ornament, Round Wood Ornament - Natural
Round Wood Ornament
Round Wood Ornament - Natural
Organized by Stephanie

About this campaign

Help give a care package to a child with life-threatening airway malacia!

Each eco-friendly wooden ornament features CWL's hugely popular airway graphic along with the text 2021.


By definition, laryngomalacia is a common, benign disorder of the airway. Most babies will continue to grow, meet milestones, and will not need any further medical intervention after the initial diagnosis.

However, some babies are diagnosed with life-threatening LM and will require surgery, generally, emergency airway surgery.

Coping With Laryngomalacia, Inc.'s Holiday Ornament Fundraiser ends soon. In order for everyone to get their ornaments, we must meet our goal of 50 ornaments sold. Perhaps, you haven't seen my posts on social media. You don't normally check your email, so you missed it there, too. Maybe you don’t have a baby with life-threatening LM so supporting CWL isn’t on your radar.

There is no reason to, right?

I am asking you tonight to pause.

Just for one moment.

What would you do if you were told your newborn needs emergency airway surgery for an airway disorder that was supposed to be benign, no big deal? Just some noisy breathing.

What would you do? Who would you turn to?

What would you say as you placed your baby in the arms of a surgeon?

Where would you find strength as you sat in the Pediatric ICU and watched your baby breathe with a tube down her throat?


With your donation of just $20, you will receive a Limited Edition Holiday ornament, and one care package will be sent to a brave airway warrior in PICU recovering from an airway-related procedure.

Your support is needed and appreciated.Thank you, Stephanie, CWL Founder

Coping With LM is an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides support, strength, and education for families coping with #laryngomalacia, #tracheomalacia, #bronchomalacia, and #pharyngomalacia. For over a decade CWL has given care packages, worldwide, to children with Malacia who are recovering from airway-related procedures such as surgery. Learn more about CWL’s life-changing work at


Sheri Van Vranken 0 items + $25

Our grandson, born in June, has been diagnosed with LM. He is a member of a USMC family who also had orders to move and are challenged by resources, knowledge and awareness surrounding care of LM babies. Thank you for all you do!

Amy Ewasiuk 0 items + $10

In honour of my sweet Olivia Grace. Coping with LM was the foundation of our knowledge and support ♥️

Carli Valentine 0 items + $5

For my son, finn and all the other airway warriors and families!

Allison Camp 0 items + $10

Because my niece and family had first hand experience with this scary situation.

Wendy Swinehart 0 items + $10

My 2 grandsons have LM. It was wonderful for my daughter to receive your care package when they had surgery. She felt like someone understood how she felt.

Brooke Wiederhold 0 items + $80


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