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Defeating Occupational PTSD

Organized by Wounded Times
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Defeating Occupational PTSD Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Support Healing Awareness For Change

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All funds raised will go to Wounded Times, the organizer for Combat PTSD--fight for their lives.
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Black
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Wounded Times

About this campaign

Raising PTSD Awareness in a healing way will change tragedy to triumph. Servicemembers, Veterans, Firefighters, EMTs and Police Officers, Occupational PTSD came from saving lives of others. It is time someone helped them save their own.

Combat PTSD Wounded Times has covered far too many stories on survivors committing suicide because they do not know how to save their own lives. They face death for the sake of others and believe asking for help is harder than that? Time to changed the conversation.


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