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Nicest Place in America - Franklin

Organized by Reader's Digest
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Nicest Place in America - Franklin Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Nicest Place in America - Franklin Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Do Something Nice Today - Franklin

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All funds raised will be paid directly to Kindness Matters for Do Something Nice Today.
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Thanks to our supporters!
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Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Safety Orange
  • Nicest Place in America - Franklin Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
  • Nicest Place in America - Franklin Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
Organized by Reader's Digest

About this campaign

October 5, 2017 is Do Something Nice Day, so join us as we #DoSomethingNice for Kindness Matters—an organization that supports anti-bullying efforts. Pick up a t-shirt below and share your photos on social media by tagging @readersdigest and #DoSomethingNice!

Reader's Digest has teamed up with Kindness Matters, an anti-bullying charity to challenge everyone in America to Do Something Nice Today!

Check out our ten Nicest Places finalists at

And support Kindness Matters by buying a t-shirt with this message. All proceeds go to the charity.

Kindness Matters is a campaign designed to change the way people interact with each other. It is the legacy of 13 year old Peyton A. James, who took his life after years of bullying. In this world of technology and constant communication, it’s often difficult to escape the ridicule that seems to be everywhere. The purpose of Kindness Matters is to change the dialogue that takes place between people every day. Making a change on a global level is a challenge and it isn't something that only needs to be done in schools or in sound-bites. It is something that everyone, both young and old, can work together to accomplish. Kindness Matters is not just about bullying because not everyone is a “bully.” However, everyone can be a little bit kinder to others. By doing that, we can change the world.


From the Editors:
If you grew up in Franklin, Nebraska, you almost certainly went on your first date at the Rose Bowl. In fact, you probably spent many of your most memorable childhood days there too.

The Rose Bowl is the name of Franklin’s local movie theater, and it is as special as its name implies. The town itself bought the Rose Bowl in the 1990s, and local families take turns volunteering on the weekends to run the place. Don’t be surprised if the ticket taker is a ten-year-old Franklin girl, or the $3 ticket price—even for first-run movies. The Rose Bowl is part cultural center, part civic project, and all heart. The audience even stands up to say the Pledge of Allegiance before each screening.

Franklin was nominated for the Nicest Place in America contest by Michelle Bruce, and her own story is as compelling a case for the town as you’re likely to find. A Franklin native who moved away as an adult, Bruce returned to Franklin after she, her husband, and her son, Holden, were diagnosed with cancer. With four children in the Bruce family, they needed help from her parents back in Franklin to take care of everyone, sick and well. The Bruces soon learned that Holden had an inoperable brain tumor and would die if he didn’t get an operation that would cost $39,000. The people of Franklin came to the rescue and organized a fundraiser; even an ice storm that night couldn’t stop the supporters looking to buy “Team Holden” t-shirts. The next day, the telephone rang, “We have the money!” shouted a voice on the other end of the line. They had raised $45,000, enough to send the family to Boston for the surgery. Today, Holden is doing great, and all because of a little town of 1,000 that wouldn’t give in.


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