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Down Syndrome Awareness Month

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Dyenomite 100% Cotton Tonal Tie-Dye T-shirt

Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2022 t shirts are now available to order! Don't miss out on this opportunity to help bring awareness to persons rocking their extra chromosomes in honor of Miss Harper Faye!

All funds raised will go directly to Progressive Education Program PTO
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Dyenomite 100% Cotton Tonal Tie-Dye T-shirt, Unisex - Columbia Blue
Dyenomite 100% Cotton Tonal Tie-Dye T-shirt
Unisex - Columbia Blue
Organized by

About this campaign

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is the month designed to celebrate, with a unified global voice, individuals with Down Syndrome and to raise awareness of what it is and what a vital role those who rock an extra chromosome play in our lives and communities. Will you join me in advocating for the rights, full inclusion, and overall well-being of persons with Down syndrome? I challenge and encourage you all to take something you have learned from Miss Harper Faye, and others alike, and pass it along during the month of October! Together, let's break the stereotypes and tear down the walls placed by ignorance and fear of the unknown that keep them out of mainstream society. If any of you know Harper personally, you know she will just find a way to climb over those walls and keep on going!

Each year I design a tee in honor of Miss Harper Faye to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month, to not only bring awareness to persons living with something a little extra but to raise money to gift within the Down Syndrome community. This year all proceeds will go to benefit the Progressive Education Program! hope you will consider purchasing one of this year's groovy tees as together we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month in October!


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