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DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed

Organized by DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed
DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed shirt design - zoomed
DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed shirt design - zoomed
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Join the Dudes Against Diaperneed and help support families with the diapers they need, plus you get this awesome t-shirt and an invitation to all the fun DADs happy hour events.

All funds raised will go directly to ST LOUIS AREA DIAPER BANK .
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Charcoal
Organized by DADs - Dudes Against Diaperneed

About this campaign

The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank is a predominantly women-run organization, but nearly half of the families served by the Diaper Bank include a dad, and the promotional items, the messaging and even the logo of the Diaper Bank are targeted toward women.

More dads are changing diapers for their kiddos now than ever before, but we still can't find a damn changing station in the men's room when #shithappens.

Most importantly, thanks to the generous support of small businesses around the region, we can drink beer while helping in the effort to wipe out #diaperneed in our area. So let's step up!

Join Dudes Against Diaperneed and for a $50 membership you get a DADs t-shirt featuring the "Shit Happens" hashtag. For a $100 membership you'll get a DADs beer stein to bring to our events.

The St. Louis Area Diaper Bank is dedicated to streamlining the acquisition and distribution of diapers in the region through partnerships with non-profit, educational, health and community organizations. In 2018 the Diaper Bank will distribute 1.5M diapers through 34 partner organizations and diaper 35,000 kids in the St. Louis area.

Diapers may seem like a small thing, but they touch nearly every aspect of family life - affeecting the financial, physical and mental health of a family. When diapers are in short supply, parents and kiddos are stressed out and that kind of stress, coupled with the stress of poverty, causes dire and sometimes LIFELONG consequences. 92% of amilies who receive diapers report that they are less stressed and we know this leads to increased opportunities for the snuggling and bonding that are so essential for the growth and development of healthy, happy kids.

Diapers really do CHANGE LIVES and we need your help to wipe out #diaperneed in our region.


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