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Evocative Visions T-Shirt Design Competition

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Buy a t-shirt to support women in the arts.

All funds raised will go directly to Women's Caucus for Art
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Hanes Authentic T-shirt
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About this campaign

For our first t-shirt design contest, Evocative Visions, the Executive Committee of Women's Caucus for Art has chosen Durba Sen’s "Unapologetically Resilient" as the winning design.

Durba Sen’s paintings reflect her heritage and views. Growing up in India, she took classes in watercolor painting and Indian classical dancing. She loves the color, fragrances of spices, flowers, celebration of life in festivals, and the hospitality of the people she met during her travels around the world. Her art is the abstraction of her journey through vibrant colors and textures. For a long while, life took over, and art took a backseat. She went back to painting in acrylics and oil ten years ago, self-learning through visits to galleries, museums, and through YouTube videos.

Her painting, "Unapologetically Resilient," was completed early this year for the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art (NCWCA) show in honor of the centennial of the 19th Amendment. Being a woman of color, immigrant, and a BIPOC artist, she is concerned about women's status in this country - whether in voting rights, equality at home and in workspaces, equal pay, opportunity to pursue higher education, right to say No, and the right to choose – the basic right to equality.

To her, women are incredibly resilient, finding inner strength to take care of their children, family, work, earn a living and to dream big. She believes we need to stand beside and for each other and empower fellow women to fulfill and realize their dreams. Her painting tries to depict women in their resilience and diversity while striving for basic rights. The artist support system in Northern California, especially NCWCA, has been crucial and beneficial to her growth as an artist.

The funds raised from the sale of the t-shirts will go toward supporting WCA’s mission to create community through art, education, and social activism. And 30% of the proceeds from the t-shirts will go directly to the artist, Durba Sen.

The Women’s Caucus for Art was founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA). WCA is a national member organization unique in its multidisciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students, educators, and museum professionals.

The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism. WCA is committed to recognizing the contribution of women in the arts; providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development; expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women; supporting local, national and global art activism; and advocating for equity in the arts for all.

As an NGO (non-governmental organization) of the United Nations, the Women’s Caucus for Art actively supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). WCA utilizes art as the universal language to engage artists, NGOS, and civil society on a broad range of issues such as gender equity and environmental sustainability.

As a founding member of the Feminist Art Project (TFAP), WCA is part of a collaborative national initiative celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual, and political impact of women on the visual arts, art history, and art practice, past and present.


Anonymous 1 item
Rebecca Beach 1 item + $10

Why would I not?

Anonymous 1 item + $10
Deborah L Walmer 1 item

I am a member. Please offer more colors and styles.

Laura Phelps Rogers 1 item

Congratulations Durba! Thank you Shantay for organizing!

Pat Goslee 1 item

supporting diverse artistic expression

Anonymous 1 item
Josefin Jansson 1 item

My deepest respect to a sister depicting women's resilience. I'm forever grateful for those who came before, during, and after my lifetime.

Anonymous 2 items

It's an honor to be able to support fellow women artists.

Jen Sterling 1 item

Love what this group does and her art piece is fantastic!


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