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Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day 2019

Organized by Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day
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Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day 2019 Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day 2019 Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day 2019 shirt design - zoomed
Hanes 100% Cotton T-shirt

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Hanes 100% Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Purple
Hanes 100% Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Purple
Organized by Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day

About this campaign

Help us shape Fibromyalgia history as we head to Washington, D.C. in September! This is our official Fibromyalgia Advocacy Day shirt. All donations from this shirt will fund advocacy education training for community leaders across the United States.

The International Support Fibromyalgia Network is a patient-centered nonprofit organization dedicated to Fibromyalgia education, research and inspiring the community through collaboration and mentorship. ISFN’s founding advocates all have Fibromyalgia. They represent a wide variety of ages, experiences and provide local resources across the country.


Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 2 items
Ricca Riojas 1 item

I believe that only through education and support can we help each other conquer the stigma fibro suffers receive. I am a 26 year veteran of this wonderful friend and everyday I do a balancing act with my body, mind, soul and community!

Kathy Concepcion 1 item

I have fibromyalgia

Danielle Goodrich 1 item + $10

We need answers and real treatments! People who understand what we go through both inside and out are what is going to make the difference. Thank you so much for advocating for us even through what you yourselves are going through!

Kathy L Ott 2 items + $25

Fibro Warriors need to make our voices louder!

The Invisible Me Warriors 1 item

We want to bring awareness as much as possible.

Lisa Franck 1 item

I have severe fibromyalgia

Michele Murphy 1 item

I have fibromyalgia


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