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My Body Is My Body: Child Abuse Prevention

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Help Fight Child Abuse: Purchase a t-shirt or donate now to help save children around the world

All funds raised will go directly to Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation
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Jerzees 50/50 T-shirt, Unisex - J. Navy
Jerzees 50/50 T-shirt
Unisex - J. Navy
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About this campaign

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation's Core Initiative: MY Body is My Body free musical educational program and is already reaching millions of vulnerable children in classrooms in approximately 50 countries. Chrissy Sykes (the creator) has written a children's workbook book to extend that message into the homes and communities where the potential for abuse is the greatest.

The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is working with Chrissy to fund this important element in the PREVENTION OF CHILD ABUSE.

Please support this initiative to get this beautiful book that corresponds with the video program. The books will be distributed through NGO's and schools that are teaching the program.

Child Abuse is a stain on a civilized world. It can touch any family. It has no bias.

According to the WHO There are over 1 Billion Children that are abused every year, please help us to make a difference. 100% of child abuse is preventable.




Serena Crites 1 item

Any effort to end child abuse and improve the lives of future generations should be supported.

Angie Ashmore Kruse 1 item

As a part of GGA, there are so many ways we can help others in need .Child abuse is real and needs to stop. One child is (1) too many and so many are silent faces and silent voices. But the bruises and pain are real

James DiDonato 1 item

I am a fellow Global Goodwill Ambassador.

Julie L. Pentz 1 item

Because I believe in all of the work that GGA is doing and I'm proud to be a part of this group.

Mary Motley 2 items

Help those who are in need

Sharon A. Bingert 1 item

I'm the Chairperson for GGA for the USA and the VP of Training and Development. I support this cause because I would like to see the end of Child Abuse Throughout the World. Chrissy's got the Best Program for ALL Children called My Body is My Body.

Dee Russell-Thomas 1 item

I am a UK Director of Global Goodwill Ambassadors and also a “My Body is my Body” ambassador. I have always supported children’s safety and protection against abuse. This is an excellent means to show my commitment whilst also offering financial aid

Anonymous 1 item

I believe in protecting children

Catherine Campbell 2 items

Abuse and trafficking are ramped around the world. We all have a responsibility to protect our children.

Abby Jules 1 item

Protecting children from abuse and sexual interference is simply the right thing to do. Children need to feel safe to remain mentally well.


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