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Got Hope #Freedom

Organized by Danyelle Amachree
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Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Got Hope #Freedom shirt design - zoomed
Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Selepri Amachree has helped hundreds of people find freedom from the chains of addiction. Please join us now as we fight to keep Selepri in the United States where he can continue to fight the war on addiction.

Custom Ink
All funds raised will be paid directly to My Light Ministry for legal fees and other expenses related to Selepri's deportation proceedings..
$700 raised
34 items sold of
100 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, T-shirt - Black
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
T-shirt - Black
  • Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
  • Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
  • Got Hope #Freedom Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
Organized by Danyelle Amachree

About this campaign

Selepri has dedicated his life to fighting the war on addiction and has made impressive headway in areas that many institutions could not.
His missions of love have touched the lives of hundreds of people across the country. However, he now faces a battle where he needs partners to help him continue his fight. Please partner with us to represent Got Hope #Freedom to free our friend from his in-just confinement so he can continue his quest in freeing those from the bonds of addiction.

UPDATE...Selepri has been in jail for almost 3 months with no end in sight. He has missed birthdays, recitals and our kid's competitions. In April his father fell ill and spent 21 days in ICU. On May 1, 2017 Selepri's dad passed away. His funeral is fastly approaching and we are doing everything we can to have Selepri in attendance. Since April, we have had a motion in the courts for release on bond. As of today, we are still waiting for the judge's decision on that motion. We are also waiting on the Board of Immigration Appeals to review the order of deportation and decide if we will be allowed to reopen it and argue our case. Please continue to pray and share our story.

Got Hope?

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Angel larabee 1 item

Because I believe in undercover Angel!!!!!

Kristy Scalish 1 item
Anna Coia 1 item

He is an Angel

Jessica Stueber 1 item + $25
Robyn Brunelle 1 item

Danyelle & Selepri are my friends.I will always support,pray for & love them.

JOSHUA Summers 2 items

He is one of my very good friends and I will continue to be praying for this family

Tina Pawicz 1 item
Amy Fitch 2 items

Grew up with Selepri!

Daniel Schreck 2 items

Selepri has been working with us here in a Indiana to help people get free of life controlling problems, especially substance abuse. He is loved and his work is very appreciated!

Susan Quantrell 2 items

Selepri is my angel.


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