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#PerthesStrong Sports Water Bottle for Perthes Kids

Organized by Claudia Giffuni-Pai
#PerthesStrong Sports Water Bottle for Perthes Kids Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
#PerthesStrong Sports Water Bottle for Perthes Kids shirt design - zoomed
32 oz. Polycarbonate Water Bottle

Please join us in supporting children suffering from Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

All funds raised will go directly to PERTHES KIDS FOUNDATION .
84 items sold
$660 raised
100 goal
1 Day To Go
32 oz. Polycarbonate Water Bottle
Unisex - Smoke
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Orders are delivered about 2 weeks after the campaign closes.

Organized by Claudia Giffuni-Pai

About this campaign

Want to join me in supporting a great cause? I'm raising money on behalf of the Perthes Kids Foundation, and your contribution will make a major impact, by purchasing a water bottle or 2, or making a donation (tax deductible). 100% of the proceeds go toward Perthes advocacy and special programs to benefit families affected by Perthes disease around the world.

Perthes Kids Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was established to raise global awareness and provide support to children and families dealing with the challenges of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease, a degenerative hip bone disorder (a rare form of osteonecrosis), that makes it painful to walk, run, and play like most kids. Children diagnosed with Perthes love sports, but usually can't participate due to pain and treatment for the disease. This #PerthesStrong sports water bottle is to represent what is possible and to inspire these kids to never give up! They will be back on that playing field, one day!

My son Nicholas was diagnosed with Perthes when he was three and a half years old and once I found out about this great foundation, I knew had to get involved. The last couple of years I have had the honor to be a volunteer at Camp Perthes USA. For a whole week, these kids live happy and free, and enjoy all of the camp activities to the fullest, without the fear of being judged for limping or the need to use an orthopedic device. As a Perthes mom, I want to ask for your help to support this cause! Because the Perthes Kids Foundation relies on fundraisers and donations, when you buy a water bottle, you are helping us spread Perthes awareness and continue our good works, so hopefully one day, a cure can be found.

For more information you can visit our website at Thank you so much for your love and support!


Tara York 2 items
Louise 5 items

Supporting all the Perthes Warriors

Robert McNab 2 items + $10
Lorien Martin 2 items

Our son has had the privilege of attending Camp Perthes Australia 3 times and is excited for his 4th this year. That experience and the friendships he ha ls made would not be possible without the Perthes Kids Foundation

Anonymous 5 items
Anonymous 1 item

Because we are on the other side of Perthes. Stay strong!

Jaime Tobin 1 item + $10

Our son, Hunter, was diagnosed with Perthes in December and he is deep in the battle! However, in true Perthes strong motto, his tenacity has been amazing!

Joe Salazar 3 items

My daughter is a wonderful example of perseverance through this disease.

Adam Schatz 1 item

More research is needed to help prevent and effectively treat Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease.

Karen Tate 2 items

My Granddaughter was diagnosed with Perthes 7 months ago.


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