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Thrive on the Inside - Habitat for Canaries

Organized by Habitat For Canaries
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Royal Apparel USA-Made Organic T-shirt

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All funds raised will go directly to Habitat for Canaries Inc
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Royal Apparel USA-Made Organic T-shirt, Unisex - Salt
Royal Apparel USA-Made Organic T-shirt
Unisex - Salt
Organized by Habitat For Canaries

About this campaign

Thrive on the Inside at Habitat for Canaries in Hiram, Maine! Our mission is to provide a restorative environment for people with acute environmental sensitivities. Since one size doesn’t fit all we hope to build individual dwelling units (nests) of various healthy materials so our visiting canaries can find the optimum environmentally safe accommodation for their particular needs. This first campaign is to raise awareness of our mission as well as fundraise for the first few nests. We’ve selected the freedom image from our website to reflect our ultimate goal for each of our canaries!

A personal note from our co-founder, Lindsay: EI started for me over 20 years ago. For the past 15 years, I’ve dwelled in an environmentally inert home. We tested each material before building to ensure a non-reactive space. From my inert environment I was able to graduate from North Carolina State University as Valedictorian without ever setting foot in a classroom. Since graduating, I’ve published over 100 art designs. How will the canary in your life thrive on the inside?

To find out more details, including where we are in our building timeline, please visit our website:

Thank you for your T-shirt purchase and helping HFC realize our dreams for the canary community!


Patricia Rice 1 item

Support for those involved in project and those who need these services.

Mitchell Andrews 1 item

Great project and a great cause!

Thomas Andrews 2 items

Great Cause!

Sam McArthur 2 items
Joanne Andrews 2 items

As a next door neighbor of three years, meeting and getting to know Lindsay and Her parents has been a true blessing in our lives. The restraints on the life of someone with EI can easily be misunderstood. We Have learned so much, & support this 100%

Anonymous 3 items

Canary Ambassador: Draw attention to those unable to participate in normal everyday activities due to the adverse chemical impact of commonly used products.

Anonymous 1 item + $25
Anonymous 1 item + $50

As a neighbor I am aware of the struggle Lindsay and family have been through these past years and the many things she has not been able to do that are normal for a teen and young adult. She has been amazingly strong. God bless her.

Chris Briley 1 item + $25

A great project!

Anonymous 2 items + $500


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