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Hats for Historic City Hall

Organized by Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage Area Coalition
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Hats for Historic City Hall Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Mega Cap Pigment Dyed Hat
  • Sizes One Size

Buy a hat to support our heritage preservation work today!

All funds raised will go directly to Willamette Falls and Landings Heritage Area Coalition
$280 raised
28 items sold of
50 goal
3 Hours To Go
Mega Cap Pigment Dyed Hat, Unisex - Khaki
Mega Cap Pigment Dyed Hat
Unisex - Khaki

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Organized by Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage Area Coalition

About this campaign

Historic City Hall has stood as a landmark in West Linn since 1936. It has been apart of the fabric of the city as both public and private use for the duration of it’s lifetime. Your hat purchase will directly fund the next chapter of this historic building’s life!

In partnership with the City of West Linn, the Willamette Falls & Landings Heritage Area Coalition is opening the building to the public as a cultural interpretive center and public meeting space. Your hat purchase is a symbol of our efforts to showcase the living history, culture, and heritage of our entire 56-river mile Heritage Area.

To learn more about the Coalition, visit our website:

Our Vision: The Cultural and Community Center at Historic City Hall is poised to become a sanctuary for the preservation and celebration of the diverse cultures and heritages within the 56 Willamette River miles anchored by the Willamette Falls. It will be a welcoming place to learn about the rich cultural and natural resources of the area and show how the past always impacts the present and the future. Preserving the past has also proven to be an stimulant to economic development for years to come.

Why Your Support Matters: We believe in the power of collective action. Your support can make a significant impact on turning this vision into reality. By contributing to the creation of the Center, you are investing in a future where traditions are upheld, stories are shared, and a sense of belonging is nurtured.

Our Goal: We hope to raise $350,000 by June 30, 2024 to fund our efforts. These funds will help us finish the interior space through furniture, network infrastructure, staffing, and a comprehensive visitor experience plan that opens this space to the public. Every gift of any size matters! We appreciate your support for our ongoing efforts to preserve our past for our future.


Christine Lewis 1 item
Roger Shepherd 1 item
John Rolston 2 items
Yvonne Addington 1 item
Ruth Offer 2 items
Russell Axelrod 1 item

Oregon deserves to celebrate an NHA!

Jon A. George 1 item

I want to see a National Heritage Area in Oregon.

Mike Watters 2 items

So many have GATHERED for social, trading, sharing, and exchanging ideas, it seems fitting to have a location to acknowledge our past and create a historical and cultural future.

Jim Edwards 2 items

Old City Hall restoration is a first step in recognizing the importance to West Linn of Willamette Falls.

Dan Butler 1 item + $10


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