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Hoot Mug

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Hoot Mug Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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20 oz. Emperor Stainless Steel Tumbler
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Buy a mug, fill it with deliciousness and toast to the show!

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All funds raised will go to, the organizer for Supporting the Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot! .
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20 oz. Emperor Stainless Steel Tumbler, Unisex - Silver
20 oz. Emperor Stainless Steel Tumbler
Unisex - Silver

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About this campaign

All proceeds from this mug fundraiser will go toward covering the costs to keep The Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot on the air for another year - that's year 33! Fill your mug with the beverage of your choice. With every sip you'll know that you're directly supporting the show.

Raconteur, decent tipper and renown radio wrangler Dondo has been "servin’ ’em up covered and smothered" for 33 years on the homegrown radio show, “The Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot.” The show's incomparable blend of folk, bluegrass, outlaw country, tasty instrumentals and a generous helping of storytellers, cowboy poets and spoken wordsmiths always needs support to keep going! PLEASE and THANK YOU!


Dan Kaffer 1 item + $10

Found my ROUNDTOIT, after 32+ years of loving the RBHSH!

Anonymous 1 item + $50

Thank you love your show


Every day listener -love the jive radio format

Anonymous 2 items

That is a simple response. Because it is great music to listen to at the end of a typical hectic week.

Anonymous 1 item

Live in NJ and have friends in NV that listen to Hoot. Always happy to support a good thing.

kaley volk 1 item

I remember my dad listening to them on the radio when we were kids. In the garage, riding our bikes around, singing, reminds me of great childhood memories ❤️

Valerie L Williams 1 item + $10

Hoot Radio has introduced me to the best Western music ever over the past 30 years and keeps me "sane in the saddle."


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