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Horse Plus - Help Feed Hungry Horses

Organized by Horse Plus Humane Society
Horse Plus - Help Feed Hungry Horses Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Horse Plus - Help Feed Hungry Horses Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Horse Plus - Help Feed Hungry Horses shirt design - zoomed
LAT Ladies Sleeveless V-Neck

Help us raise money to feed the hungry horses, and other animals, at the shelter!

All funds raised will go directly to Horse Plus Humane Society .
88 items sold
$810 raised
500 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
LAT Ladies Sleeveless V-Neck
Ladies - Raspberry
Organized by Horse Plus Humane Society

About this campaign

Every month, as you can imagine, we feed thousands of dollars worth of feed to the animals at the shelter.  There are a lot of mouths to feed, and the price of hay and feed has skyrocketed, putting an additional strain on the shelter's monthly operating cost.

Please help us feed the horses, and other animals, at the shelter.  The proceeds from the purchase of the shirts will be used directly to purchase cubes and other feed the animals at the shelter eat each and every day.  Wear your shirt with pride, knowing that the purchase of your shirt fed a hungry horse in need.



Anonymous 1 item + $5
Anonymous 1 item

They make a difference. They never refuse an animal. And to buy a horse just to put it out of it's misery is an act of kindness I must support.

Anonymous 1 item
Elsy 1 item + $10
Roxie Helder 1 item

I am pleased to be a part of your hardworking and most worthwhile endeavors. So many lives, both human and animal, have been nurtured and/or saved by your fine efforts.

Anonymous 2 items + $10
Patty Hudson 1 item
Dianne Stewart 1 item
Iris 1 item

Because of all the horses in need

Anonymous 1 item

Someone recently dropped off a horse at a nearby community arena, and our ranch manager brought her to the ranch. She is very thin and weak, the owners probably couldn't afford to feed her anymore. No horse should go through that.


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