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The Kidney Project

Organized by The Kidney Project
The Kidney Project Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Hanes 50/50 T-shirt

Buy a shirt to support The Kidney Project during National Kidney Month!

All funds raised will go directly to The Kidney Project .
425 items sold
$5,100 raised
150 goal
8 Days To Go
Hanes 50/50 T-shirt
Unisex - Navy
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Orders are delivered about 2 weeks after the campaign closes.

Organized by The Kidney Project

About this campaign

In honor of National Kidney Month, we hope you will join us in promoting awareness of kidney disease and The Kidney Project by purchasing a limited edition Kidney Project t-shirt. For each t-shirt purchased, The Kidney Project will receive 50% of the proceeds.

T-shirt purchases are not tax deductible. If you would like to give a tax deductible gift to The Kidney Project, you may do so here.

The Kidney Project is a national research project with a goal to create a small, surgically implanted, and free-standing bioartificial kidney to treat end stage renal disease (ESRD).

The bioartificial kidney will give ESRD patients new hope beyond the short-term solution of renal dialysis and the longer-term, but impermanent, solution of a living kidney transplant for which donor organs are limited.

For more information, please check out our website! To find updates on our progress, please follow us at Facebook!


Maddy Jordan 2 items

My husband has end stage kidney failure.

Heidi Weinert 4 items

Why? Because I want one (a bionic kidney) but I am running out of time.

Hollie Christina 1 item

I am a 42 yr old single mother on dialysis. Just last year both of my teenage boys have also been diagnosed with my Polycystic Kidney Disease and I’m praying this device is approved ASAP!

Anonymous 1 item

I have ESRD.

Ronan 1 item
Mary Friedland 1 item


Manny Grijalva 1 item

My mother just started dialysis. She would benefit greatly from an artificial kidney. Prayers to the entire team to get us across the finish line.

James Doyle 1 item

6 years dialysis, Transplant by the Grace of God. Praying for those who still suffer.

Anonymous 1 item

Weekly dialysis

Donna Hudson 1 item

My daughter has PKD


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