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Lenny Zwieg Needs A Kidney Donor

Organized by Lenny Zwieg
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Lenny Zwieg Needs A Kidney Donor Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Lenny Zwieg Needs A Kidney Donor Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Lenny Zwieg Needs A Kidney Donor shirt design - zoomed
Lenny Zwieg Needs A Kidney Donor shirt design - zoomed
Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

Father of three looking for a kidney donor. Please help spread the word by purchasing a T-shirt and wearing it as often as possible! Funds from the T-shirts will go towards medical expenses. Thank You!!!!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Lenny Zwieg, the organizer for Lenny Zwieg needs to find a kidney donor..
$490 raised
34 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt, Unisex - Charcoal Black Tri-Blend
Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt
Unisex - Charcoal Black Tri-Blend
Organized by Lenny Zwieg

About this campaign

This fundraiser has 2 parts.
First, to help Lenny's family with the costs of his treatment.
Second, to continue to spread awareness of the need for kidney donation. Lenny is looking for a kidney donor who is blood type O. Also, there are many others across the country searching for donors. With these shirts we hope to raise awareness and help as many as possible find their hero!

My Name is Lenny Zwieg, Blood Type O+. I am a 43yr old father of three, ages 17, 15 and 5. I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 2004 a result of contracting Dengue Fever on a business trip to Africa. I was working to outfit International Schools with American books and curriculum throughout Africa, something I was very proud of. I became ill while overseas and was rushed home where things went from bad to worse. I was having multiple seizures, had a rash over my entire body and ended up spending nearly 3 months in the infectious disease ward. This illness caused many issues including a double hip replacement, I developed a stutter requiring years of speech therapy and had to receive daily doses of high powered IV antibiotics for 9 months to combat the immune disorder caused by this tropical disease. For several years, I had one health issue after another, but my positive outlook was my saving grace and got me through some very rough times. Most of the issues have subsided but this did result in considerable damage to my kidney function.

For the last twelve years, my kidney function has decreased and I am now in End Stage Renal (Kidney) Disease. I started hemo-dialysis on September 1st of 2016. I go to dialysis three times a week and each session is a full five hours of chair time. Feeling ill all the time is difficult. Dialysis has helped my symptoms overall but each day of my life is different now. Sometimes I feel halfway decent and a few hours later I feel miserable and drained.

The most difficult part of this is the toll it has taken on my family. My wife Becky has been a Rockstar and has gone above and beyond to accommodate my new lifestyle. My children have also been affected. I have missed many sporting events, band concerts and family events due to my treatment schedule, those opportunities I will never get back. I was a youth sports coach and active in the community. Now it takes every ounce of energy I have, to get to work and treatment. I maintain 30 hrs a week at work which has been difficult but necessary for the insurance and the financial hardships that go along with this disease.

I am registered as Leonard V. Zwieg through Aurora St Luke’s Transplant Center (Milwaukee, WI)…/locati…/transplant-center on both the general kidney transplant list and the NKR (National Kidney Registry) donor share program. My center does participate in paired exchange. I am in process to get listed on the UW-Madison transplant list and am considering getting listed out of state in Iowa and Minnesota. I have been on the general kidney transplant list since December, 2015 and have been active in the NKR donor share program Since July of 2016.

Let me say that it takes a special kind of person to step forward to give the gift of life at their own expense. That group of people are selfless superheroes who make dreams come true. I am one of many people in need and do not consider myself above anyone else. All I ask is that when you read my story you consider the contribution you could make to someone in my situation. Thank you.


Kelly Bjornstad 1 item

My husband is in Lenny’s exact same shoes. He’s O+, has End Stage Kidney Disease, and is in desperate need of a kidney. Our two boys and I can’t live without him. Please, please, please .... Share Your Spare.

Nerissa Ver Velde 1 item

I wish I could help someone that needs a kidney but unfortunately I only have one.

Jen Wittig 1 item
Anonymous 3 items

This is the best gift you can give someone. It is a great way to raise organ donor awareness.

Jacqueline Imrie 2 items + $10
Sandy Hauschildt 1 item


Dale Ann Borhart 2 items + $60


Jessica Oslund 1 item
Doug and Lynne Anthony 2 items + $10

We know first-hand the importance of organ donation. Don't take your organs to Heaven......Heaven knows we need them here.

Amy Stellingwerf & Greg Krueger 2 items


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