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LIVE Callsign 22 - KRI Military Treatment Fund

Organized by Greg VanDyne
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Buy some swag, help provide free mental health treatment for a veteran.

All funds raised will go directly to Kindbridge Reasearch Institute Inc
$640 raised
31 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Champion Tagless T-shirt, Unisex - Ash
Champion Tagless T-shirt
Unisex - Ash
Organized by Greg VanDyne

About this campaign

The Goal

Callsign 22 is a platform addressing the root causes of poor mental health outcomes in veterans. Our goal is to build community and social connectedness through social media challenges and raise money for causes we believe in.

We believe the time for awareness has passed and it is now time to take action.

The Challenge

The mission isn’t over until everyone comes home. Throughout our military careers, we were taught to troop the line. Whether that be in combat, the field, or at home—that responsibility hasn’t changed. And hanging up the uniform for a pair of civi’s is no different.

There is an overwhelming possibility that one of the brothers and sisters you served with is struggling. Your phone call—a random act of kindness—might very well be the bridge to a better way forward.

Join us on February 22nd as we kick off our inaugural challenge, “Troop the Line”. Here’s our ask:

(1) Reconnect with 22 different servicemembers.

(2) Share your experience on social media.

(3) Donate $22 to the current Callsign 22 charitable initiative.

The Facts

According to 2021 DoD and VA data, 6,726 veterans and service members died by suicide in 2020. This is equivalent to 18.4 individuals per day, or 15% of suicides by all Americans. Accessible DoD and VA data regarding suicides only go back to 2001, and while there have been some changes throughout the year, these numbers have remained relatively consistent.

We believe 1 military suicide is to many, 18 a day is a catastrophe.

The Remedy

The causes of suicide are complex, but one factor is nearly universal: disconnection. Whether it is feelings of loneliness, physical isolation, a lack of social support, or low social capital, they all reflect disconnection. And though disconnection is strong, each of us has the power to combat it with simple acts of connection: a phone call, a text message, or a few words of support to an old friend.

The Troop the Line challenge puts some structure around these simple acts of connection. While it’s hard to know the impact of one act of connection, there is no doubt that hundreds, or even thousands, of people practicing connection will make a tangible impact on disconnection in service members.

So join the cause and Troop the Line. Connect, for life.

Our Team

Greg VanDyne is former Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D) who served with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Flagler Business School where he obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Greg is a fierce mental health advocate with a passion for giving back to the military community.

Mark Lucia served as a Special Forces Medic (18D) in 1st Bn 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) - Germany. Since transitioning from service, he has started studying at Johns Hopkins University in a dual Master in Business Administration/Master in Public Health program. Mark co-leads a military transition program and is interested in mental health, veterans' health, and digital health.

Dr. Nathan D. L. Smith holds a PhD in psychiatric epidemiology from the University of Florida where he focused on questions of addiction and social connection. In 2021, he became the founding Executive Director of Kindbridge Research Institute where he created 3 novel programs focused on veterans' mental health. Nathan has been interested in social connection and suicide since 2014 when he published the first evidence for social capital’s impact on suicide rates in US states.

The Inspiration

Callsign 22 was born from a simple conversation between two former Green Berets trying to reconcile with their past. What came from that discussion was the overwhelming realization that the path to better mental health doesn’t have to be a lonely pursuit. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

The skewed perception of toughness throughout the military community is just that–skewed. Internalizing stress, anxiety, and depression isn’t tough–asking for help is. And whether it’s because we’re ashamed or feel like no one will understand, these difficult conversations need to become commonplace.

That’s why Callsign 22 was created–to rally a community around the humanness of mental health, to have tough conversations, to develop support systems, and to maintain a connection between our Brothers and Sisters in Arms.


Steve Tassler 1 item + $25
Brice Toole 1 item + $10
Anonymous 3 items
Todd Kemp 1 item + $100

As a veteran that almost joined the ranks of the 22, I want to help and show that there is hope.

Lucas Velmer 1 item

Suicide is plaguing our service members and veterans. Too many barriers both physical and psychological exist and this is 1 way I can help support those in need.

Anonymous 1 item
Bruce Hull 1 item + $10

People need to shed more light on this topic. Love to see what is happening here!

David Gardner 1 item

Happy to support such an important cause!

Ben H. 1 item + $22

Callsign 22 is making a difference!

John Dalziel 3 items


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