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May All Be Fed

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May All Be Fed Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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May All Be Fed shirt design - zoomed
May All Be Fed shirt design - zoomed
Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

Buy a shirt and help the hungry

All funds raised will go directly to Feeding America
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Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt, Unisex - Green Tri-Blend
Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt
Unisex - Green Tri-Blend
Organized by

About this campaign

Our theme for May is one of our 4Cs: Compassion. With that theme in mind, FTI has chosen to support Food Banks for our next company-wide effort. The need is great, food banks across the country are serving 55 percent more people now than before the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, it is estimated 1 in 8 Americans could face hunger. That's 42 million people in the United States, including 13 million children, who may face hunger in 2021. Because of COVID, millions of people are visiting food banks and many of them are getting help for the first time. Our neighbors who previously had stable incomes have now lost jobs or had their hours cut back. As food banks are stepping up to put food on the table for those who need it during this uncertain time, we want to be to help them have the supplies they need to meet this great need.

Charity, which is known as our “4th C.” Our Founder believed strongly in the principle, “Love your neighbor.” That belief was demonstrated in his pattern of giving generously to various charitable and community organizations, causes, and events. Further, it was demonstrated by his selflessly arranging that the ownership of FTI would transfer fully into the hands of FTI employees after he was gone. FTI strives to encourage and support our employees to develop and maintain a spirit of charity by volunteering their time, attention, efforts, and resources to any of a wide range of charitable or community outreach activities. We encourage this by supporting our employees’ efforts with financial and other resources. Employees are encouraged to make recommendations for FTI to provide charitable contributions. Each recommendation is reviewed and processed by an all-volunteer committee of employees, the “4th C Committee,” that operates under a Charter, authorized by corporate policy. The highest priority for receiving FTI funding is events or activities that involve multiple employees who demonstrate their own passion by donating their time and other resources.


Srividhya Ganesan 1 item
Danny Carreon 1 item

Support food insecurity needs

Alex Galicia 2 items

Because US4Warriors is as legit as a Veteran's service organization gets. All volunteers, almost 100% of proceeds go toward the intended purpose!

David Strigel 2 items + $10
Cassey Tan 2 items
David G. Kohl 1 item + $20
Anonymous 1 item

with food in such abundance no one should go hungry

Shiloh Stockton 2 items + $25


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