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Mini Cat Town Spring Collection

Mini Cat Town is raising funds for our cats and kittens! When you purchase an item from this fundraiser, you are helping Mini Cat Town pay for medical bills, buy supplies, or care for a kitten.

With the California Shelter-In-Place, Mini Cat Town's adoption center in Eastridge Center is now closed. We are still working hard to perform contactless adoptions so that each and every animal in our care can find their forever home. Mini Cat Town is also actively pulling at-risk kittens from our local shelters, providing them with foster care. So far in 2020, we have saved over 132 cats. Our goal is to save 500 felines in 2020.

We understand in these trying times that not everyone can afford to purchase or donate to our cause. Instead of donating to our organization, we ask that you share our posts on Instagram or Facebook and tag us! Please use the hashtag #MiniCatTownFundraiser. Thank you so much for your support and time.


Mini Cat Town Zip Up Fundraiser 2

Buy a hoodie to support our kittens!

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