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Order Official Moo Duk Kwan® Licensed Apparel With Creative Designs and Specialty Tag Lines

The chartered purposes of the non-profit United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® include, but are not limited to, promoting public awareness of, understanding of, study of and the practice of Moo Duk Kwan Founder Hwang Kee's Korean Soo Bahk Do® martial art system.

Unique apparel with interesting designs that provoke curiosity or inquiries from observers can help serve as conversation starters that create opportunities for practitioners to share more about the art with non-practitioners.

Unique Moo Duk Kwan® branded apparel worn in public by a practitioner who has a well honed "Elevator Pitch" ready to go when questions are received will inevitably encounter new opportunities to help fulfill the Federation's chartered purposes and to help preserve the Soo Bahk Do® martial art system.

Order your conversation starters during this campaign and begin creating new opportunities to promote the Moo Duk kwan® and the martial art of Soo Bahk Do®.


Unisex Sport-Tek Performance Hooded Sweatshirt Screened With Do You Know Moo Do? Moo Duk Kwan®

Order Your Authentic Licensed Moo Duk Kwan® Apparel In Popular Name Brands Today!

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