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I'm Moose Fontenot's Bro!

Organized by Jeff Blake
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I'm Moose Fontenot's Bro! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
I'm Moose Fontenot's Bro! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
I'm Moose Fontenot's Bro! shirt design - zoomed
Hanes 50/50 T-shirt

Buy a t-shirt and have all profits go towards Moose's daughters college fund!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Jeff Blake, the organizer for Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association 529's For Moose's Girls.
$3,530 raised
164 items sold of
2000 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes 50/50 T-shirt, Unisex - Light Steel
Hanes 50/50 T-shirt
Unisex - Light Steel
Organized by Jeff Blake

About this campaign


Thank you all and God Bless
For the NEW flag/high tech Eagle shirt got to this site
Warriors, please buy a t-shirt. By doing so you will be helping raise money for the Fontenot family.  Specifically your money will go to the girls 529's that have been set up at the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association.  We all knew and loved Moose as a friend, Father, warrior and fighter pilot, and now you can show the world that you are one of Moose's Bro's!
There is a time limit and a minimum order so please help us crush the minimum order! Pass it on!!!

God Bless
Thanks from the 131st Fighter Squadron Bro's


Anonymous 2 items + $10
no name 1 item

I ordered one shirt and a $10 donation yesterday, but was unable to complete the purchase on paypal. I would like to only place ONE order and not a duplicate. I should be able to complete it today. Thanks and good luck! Would like to know more about Moose. I am donating because my cousin, HL Bodenhamer says it is a good, legitimate cause.

Vark 1 item + $25
Anonymous 2 items + $50
Anonymous 2 items
Anonymous 2 items

Sorry I couldn't make the funeral. Go bless you bro.

Anonymous 2 items

Recently met a daughter of another F-15 fighter pilot who flew with Lt. Colonel Fontenot, so just felt like the right thing to do. Thanks for the opportunity to support his family.

John Amidon 1 item + $50
Sara Solecki 1 item

Moose!! Never forgotten my was an honor...Shirt

Anonymous 1 item + $10

Kadenda was my first base where I was lucky enough to serve under the man, the ledgend, the one and only "Moose".


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