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NJ Point 2 Point Run

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NJ Point 2 Point Run shirt design - zoomed
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Sportsman Pom Pom Beanie
Unisex - Navy / Red
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About this campaign

On January 9th, 2021, Cole Crosby is running the length of the state of NJ from High Point to the Point of Cape May to raise funds for the 'Kids Run the Nation Program' and hopefully set a record for fastest-known-time. All proceeds will be donated to this program, managed by the Road Runners Club of America, which aims to establish running programs for youth across the country. Thank you for joining this great cause!

Have you ever wanted to dream big? Have you ever been told that this is not possible, that you cannot do it, that what you want to do is crazy? Well that's my story. Growing up as a child in New Jersey, I have always loved to be outside and explore. As I played many sports growing up, running was always something I was good at and enjoyed. I have been running ever since; looking to push my limits of how far and how fast I can go. As a competitive ultra runner, I have run over 30 ultramarathons but this challenge is one that I hope ignites my passion of finding new places my endurance can take me.

Running the whole state of NJ seems like a crazy idea and indeed it is, but I am excited to showcase what hard work, dedication, and perseverance can do. As a young child who just loved to run, I hope this run can help fund the dreams of children out there; that they can dream big and achieve them no matter how big those dreams might sound.

My personal journey you can find here:


Anonymous 2 items
Rob Carney 1 item + $25

Way to go Cole!

Mike Doyle 1 item

Extremely impressive Cole! Let me know if you need a training partner...….. I'll call Patyk!

Peter Holloway 3 items

Go Cole. Too bad Patyk is not competing as well.

Chip Thompson 1 item + $10
Bart Henderson 1 item

All the best to Cole and the cause!

Matt Hefner 1 item
Bob McMenamin 4 items

Because my man Cole is in it!!!

Gerard Fehling 1 item + $100

I’ll gladly double this if you can get Patyk to run 18.9. Enjoy the run!

Steven Hunkele 1 item + $25


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