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Obie's Bees

Organized by Chris and Elizabeth Thoma
Front large extended
Obie's Bees Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Obie's Bees Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Obie's Bees shirt design - zoomed
Sport-Tek Baseball Raglan

Obie's Bees Team Shirts

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Chris and Elizabeth Thoma, the organizer for Obie's favorite charities.
$1,450 raised
90 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Sport-Tek Baseball Raglan, Unisex - White / Black
Sport-Tek Baseball Raglan
Unisex - White / Black
Organized by Chris and Elizabeth Thoma

About this campaign

Get your very own Obie's Bees team shirt, and donate to Obie's favorite charities at the same time!

Oberon Christopher was born on November 24, 2014 and passed away 33 days later.  We were expecting a NICU stay, but we were not expecting to only have just over a month with our little bug.  We love and miss him every day.

We wanted to make Obie's Bees shirts for ourselves, and realized others may want to be part of the club too.  Booster makes it easy to share the design AND to collect a little something extra to donate to Obie's favorite charities.  The more shirts ordered, the more money is available for donation.

Obie's favorite charities are:
- National Organization for Rare Diseases
- Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
- Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
- JW House

Read more details about them all here.


Obie's Mom 1 item

One last shirt!

The Loustalots 3 items

Because Chris and Elizabeth took the pain and agony of their loss and planted flowers of hope and love. Courageously they continue to share their love for their son with the world.

Anonymous 1 item
Tracy Yamin 1 item + $10

This is my 2nd try ordering. Hope it works! I had a nice sappy saying earlier.... This will sum it up... Elizabeth and Christoper: you both are amazing! I love the way you both "love".

Swan & family 1 item
Cory and Hillary Ruell 1 item + $25

To support Chris, Elizabeth, Oberon and other wonderful parents and babies.

Ken and Sue "B" 1 item + $25
Linda Baldridge 1 item

Thinking of Elizabeth & Chris, and wanted to support sweet little Obie's charities.

Lauren 1 item
Grandma & Grandpa Fiorani 2 items

We want to make sure we have enough Obie's Bees shirts! We love our sweet Obie and his amazing parents! Go Team Obie's Bees!


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