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We Say No! Puerto Ricans Banning Puerto Ricans

Organized by The Perez Sisters
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We Say No! Puerto Ricans Banning Puerto Ricans Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Unidos Somos Mas Fuerte - United We are Stronger

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All funds raised will go to The Perez Sisters , the organizer for Cafecito Break - Latino Free Thinking Boots on the Ground Media de la Peoples.
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Hanes Authentic T-shirt, Unisex - White
Hanes Authentic T-shirt
Unisex - White
Organized by The Perez Sisters

About this campaign

Family, let us tell you a little story. We set out to be a participant with this years Puerto Rican Day Parade located in Sunset Park Brooklyn. All we wanted was to celebrate with our gente, our beautiful culture and música and our accomplishments as Cafecito Break.

Initially, all was going smoothly….until we received an email and got REJECTED! POR QUE you ask?

Because the leader of the organization reduced all of Cafecito Breaks 12 year history of indie media community wellness to a Trump Rally.

What do we represent? Critical thinkers, wellness mentors, freedom loving Latinas. We have been serving community via Botanikal and Cafecito Break for over a dozen years…

It is an insult to have been belittled as such.

This is discrimination to have been denied based off political ideologies. Puerto Ricans have always held different political and lifestyle views. This has never stopped us from gathering and celebrating all of who we are.

We can not afford to continue to have gate keepers in our communities that are capable of effecting change, healing and progress from holding community back.

We can not continue to hide behind silence.

We intend to use this opportunity to talk about issues plaguing our communities such as cancel culture, divisiveness, political, social, and cultural bias. It is time that as a community we seriously start these conversations, address these behaviors and hold people accountable.

More to come.

Tune in Thursday nights 9pm - Cafecito Break Rumble for The Perez Sisters Video Podcast.

Cafecito Break Rumble

Let’s do this with class. This is a teaching moment.

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God bless you.


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