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Reading takes you Places

Organized by April Young
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Hanes Authentic T-shirt

Help bring a bookmobile back to Rutherford County

All funds raised will go directly to Rutherford County Library Society
$120 raised
23 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Hanes Authentic T-shirt, Unisex - Smoke Gray
Hanes Authentic T-shirt
Unisex - Smoke Gray
Organized by April Young

About this campaign

Rutherford County Library Society is raising funds for a new bookmobile for the county library system. While funded mainly through grant money, there is still a significant amount of money needed to complete the purchase.

Rutherford County Library started as a bookmobile route from 1938 – 1996. By the end of its run, there were approximately 27 scheduled stops – mostly in communities quite a distance from a library. Currently, the Rutherford County Library System consists of three branches; our mission is to empower our community to Read, Connect, Learn, and Share. Bookmobiles across the country have recently come back into use; especially in rural communities like ours, where we do not have a comprehensive public transit system and many of our residents do not have reliable transportation—we need to take the library to them. Rutherford County needs a new, reliable, task-appropriate vehicle. By having a mobile library platform at specially arranged community and educational events throughout the year and pre-designated daily/weekly stops this will allow residents to connect to the Internet via a mobile hot-spot ahead of Broadband availability in their area and /or their ability to secure those services financially. In addition to typical bookmobile services, residents will be able to use Wi-Fi for school, shopping, job searching and skills, telehealth events, and classes taught by library staff and others relating to digital usage, job skills, and general computer knowledge. Library staff will offer one-on-one technology help at each stop.


Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 1 item

I’d love to see people who can’t get to the library have access to more books!

Deborah Bumgarner 2 items
Anonymous 1 item
Tamara Price 1 item
Nicole Hawkins 1 item

I love to share the love of reading with my students. This is a wonderful campaign.

Lisa McIntosh 1 item

I love to read!

Michelle Surran 1 item

I love reading!

Lisa Nye 1 item
Johanna Berry 1 item


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