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Tiger Memorial Education Fund

Organized by Amy Hemsell
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Tiger Memorial Education Fund Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Help us raise money for an educational program in Tiger's Memory

All funds raised will go directly to TRUE BLUE ANIMAL RESCUE
$4,580 raised
306 items sold of
200 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Indigo Blue
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Indigo Blue
Organized by Amy Hemsell

About this campaign

Please support Tiger's Memorial Fund to start an educational program to teach about spay/neuter, feral cats and how to do TNR (trap neuter release), and the differences about feral, strays, & barn/outdoor cats

Art work update We were advised that the photo would not print nicely due to low resolution & too many colors. Our Booster rep suggested their art design team do a drawing instead with 4 colors. We decided we would rather have a drawing that will print than a photo that prints poorly. I apologize for any confusion of the design, but I thank you for the continued support.
At the request of Tiger's family they have requested any donations for Tiger's memorial be sent to True Blue Animal Rescue to start an educational program for cats. This will include, but not limited to, TNR (Trap Neuter Release), differences in feral, strays, & outdoor/barn cats, how to humanely handle cats and anything else that Alley Cat Allies provides to us. A representative with Alley Cat Allies will be coming to True Blue Animal Rescue in June this year to help set up this program.


Dr RatstaR 1 item + $25

Justice for Tiger.

Laurie Goldberg 1 item + $5

It makes me sick that Kristen Lindsey, a vet of all people, killed an innocent cat and bragged about it. I say justice for Tiger!! Take away Kristen's vet license, no animals for her. If she has kids is she going to use them for target practice?

Terri 1 item

For all the Tigers out there

Anonymous 1 item

The story makes my blood run cold. "Dr" Linsey's license should be permanently revoked.

Kelly Buchanan 1 item
Laura Bland 1 item

In memory of Tiger

Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 3 items

Thank you for creating the shirts, and for starting the new program to help the kitties - many thanks to True Blue & Allie Cat Allies. Tiger's memory lives on, my sincere condolences to all who knew him, xoxo

G.R. 1 item + $80
Rockets Mom 1 item + $10

I love all animals, especially felines. I am angry, sad and disgusted that this woman/veterinarian thinks her actions are acceptable behavior. Hopefully she will be the example of what will happen when you purposely harm any animal.


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