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Save The Bunnies

Organized by Krista Wujek Threefoot
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Help us support at-risk freshmen at Mt. St. Mary's University

Custom Ink
All funds raised will be paid directly to Mt. St. Mary's University, earmarked for Learning Services for Helping at risk freshmen.
$790 raised
48 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Antique Royal
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Antique Royal
Organized by Krista Wujek Threefoot

About this campaign

This fundraiser has been created to raise money for Learning Services at Mt. St. Mary's University, to help them provide support to struggling students. Booster will keep a percentage of the funds from tee shirt sales, and the rest will be given as an earmarked donation. We are unable to calculate the total percentage of money that will be given to MSM -- it depends on how many shirts we sell. The more we sell, the lower the production costs, and the higher our contribution to the Mount will be. So buy one for you and all your friends!

Earlier this year, news reports about Mt. St. Mary's President Simon Newman's controversial Freshmen retention program surfaced. The Mountain Echo reported that President Newman had developed a plan to cull freshmen who, based on a survey, were determined to be at-risk for dropping out. Since the initial report came out, several versions of the story have been floating around. President Newman's supporters have said that the retention program was misrepresented, while faculty and student reporters involved with breaking the story have stood behind their claims.

As alumni, we are concerned about the direction our school is heading. But above all, we are concerned about the students currently attending MSM. We have created this fundraiser to raise money for a donation to the Mount that will be earmarked to help Learning Services hire tutors and provide other support to struggling students.


Cathy Bodin 1 item

I used to teach at the Mount. It has a great faculty and so many outstanding students (e.g., those who started this campaign and also Save the Bunnies 2018)

Anonymous 1 item

I love Mount St. Mary's. I despise the terrible things going on right now, and wish to support the cause to rid the university of Newman any way I can.

Anonymous 1 item
Brandt 1 item

I love the Mount!

Kristen 1 item

I love the Mount!!

Julie Hestand 1 item

As a recent Mount graduate, I am very disturbed by what the new president is doing to our university. Struggling students should receive help so they can succeed; they should not be "shot" or "drowned" to artificially boost retention numbers.

Kathleen Hestand 1 item + $10

I want the Mount's character to be preserved. Struggling students deserve help, not the boot! Kudos to the courageous professors who stood up for these students!

MaryAnne Schouw 2 items
Sam Bowne 1 item

I'm a college teacher, and we're here to help students succeed, not to drown or shoot them.

Anita Buckman 2 items + $25

As a parent of a high school senior and a former MSM alum, most of us were what they call "at risk" freshman. We all survived the freshman adjustment period & are successful. What would have happened if we were not given the opportunity to succeed?


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