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"Shane Will" Dwyer T-Shirt Fundraiser - Round 2

Organized by Sibs of Shane William Dwyer aka Shane Will
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"Shane Will" Dwyer T-Shirt Fundraiser - Round 2 Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
"Shane Will" Dwyer T-Shirt Fundraiser - Round 2 Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
"Shane Will" Dwyer T-Shirt Fundraiser - Round 2 shirt design - zoomed
American Apparel Tri-Blend T-shirt

Help in the "Shane Will" movement to inspire him as he inspires us

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All funds raised will be paid directly to Shane Dwyer for medical bills and living adaptations .
$1,820 raised
48 items sold of
100 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
American Apparel Tri-Blend T-shirt, Unisex - Tri-Black
American Apparel Tri-Blend T-shirt
Unisex - Tri-Black
Organized by Sibs of Shane William Dwyer aka Shane Will

About this campaign

This campaign is a the second campaign for Shane Will. Campaign #1 sold 920 shirts and raised over $40,500. 

To go directly to the Hockey Has Heart webpage to support shane, click here:

Our brother Shane was recently paralyzed in a snowboarding crash. His iron will, positive spirit, and awesome determination as he goes beast mode on his physical therapy at RIM in Detroit is a testament to the man that he is. Your gracious contribution will be used towards medical bills and living adaptations. As Shane puts it, “It will be a hectic year of ‘firsts’ for me as I enter this new stage in my life. I expect it will bring ups and downs, good days and bad, but in remembering your love and support, I WILL succeed. I hope that through your support, I can also inspire you in overcoming your personal challenges and accomplishing your goals. With appreciation and love, Shane”. Help us continue this vibe of strength and positivity from near and far, to tackle each day as it comes. He Will live Today as The Day, as we all should and Will!
Auction information will be forthcoming soon and will send out a save the date as soon as we are able to.  Thank you for your continued support - we are truly blown away.

Booster Picjpeg As many of you know, our brother Shane was involved in a snowboarding crash the weekend before Christmas while on a ski weekend with some friends and family. What appeared to be part of an open run, was in fact stock piles of snow and created an impact that left him currently paralyzed from the abdomen down. After 11 days at McLaren Northern MI in Petoskey, he was transported down to the DMC to begin intense physical therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). This will begin the next phase of his journey for 4-6 weeks. We have all felt extremely blessed to have the support and prayers of family and friends while he takes this challenge head on. His own words describe his mindset, which continues to inspire and awe those around him. “What I’ve lost in ability of body, I am fortunate to have in ability of mind and soul. The best memories of my life have been spent sharing connections with family and friends, regardless of any activity at hand. I have not lost the ability to continue this, and I am grateful for that. Plus, I still plan on dominating many activities. J” From day one of his initial diagnosis he has vowed to “go beast mode” on his PT and make the most of his time at RIM.  “2015 will undoubtedly be the hardest year of my life. I take each day at a time. It’s hard to be motivated each morning, but telling myself this helps – I have a lot to learn, and I will take every learning opportunity as progress. I will get closer to my goals today. I will appreciate what I may have once taken for granted today.” Our Mom has always called him Shane Will (not for any cool reason, simply because his name is Shane William Dwyer). It does not seem like a random nickname today, and we have all vowed that “Shane Will” is what is destined to inspire him, our family, and all of those connected to our lives. These shirts are designed to kick start fundraising for costs associated with his injury. Time to kick some serious ass – SHANE WILL! stay tuned for fundraising activities to be announced – we can’t wait to get together with friends and family for in-person events! God Bless!


Anonymous 2 items + $10

I love Brooke and Kelly! I love anyone and anything yet support! I love shave and how/support his recovery!!

Anonymous 1 item
Mike & Karen Johnson 1 item

Shane will be in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

Tyler Vespa 1 item

Fellow eaglet

Sean Graham & Isabella Shaya 2 items

You are in our prayers man! We know you will get through this!

Paul & Kristine Graham 2 items

To an Orchard Lake St. Mary's brother. Get well Shane!

Kyle Potocki 2 items

I grew up playing hockey with Shane and to see something like this happen to someone you know, the only thought that comes to mind is to help out. Hang in there man, keep the chin up!

Wendy Yerke 1 item
Anonymous 1 item
Mr L 1 item + $50


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