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Sherry's Produce 4 Less

Organized by Sherry Bean
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Trying to start my own business to be able to make a profit but also be able to give back to other

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All funds raised will go to Sherry Bean, the organizer for Sherry's Produce 4 Less.
500 goal
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Next Level Juniors Jersey T-shirt, Ladies - Purple Rush
Next Level Juniors Jersey T-shirt
Ladies - Purple Rush
Organized by Sherry Bean

About this campaign

I am currently trying to raise money so I can help the least unfortunate people that don't have the money to pay for produce!

Hello my name is Sherry Bean
I am currently trying to raise money to be able to have my own store front Produce store for the fact that we all have to admit it is very hard to go to your local grocery store to be able to buy all of the apples or tomatoes or anything we would need for a simple everyday meal without having to pay not only for our grocery store prices which you know we have to pay the farmers that grow our produce and then the people that drive it to the stores and last but not least our store associates! Yes I know it helps pay for our economy but what about the people who can't afford it?
Well my main goal is to be able to sell my produce that I grow naturally at my house and be able to bring it to my store and it would all be profit to help me and also are less fortunate for I would not have to pay truckers or farmers to be sure they make enough on there profit! For I am doing this at a better price for the locals around my town of Selmer or Adamsville Tennessee to be able to provide the same quality of fruits, vegetables, and even herbs for the ones that can not pay full price these days! For I can honestly say that there is a lot of people around this community that are not able to afford it and don't have the funds what so ever!
I am also taking any kind of donations for if you can only donate a little or a lot for all your contributions will help in me to be able to get a store in Selmer and be able to provide good quality of food let alone friendly service and also the fact that I will not raise the prices to hurt anybody when it comes to this very hard economy right now! So please help me and be able to start the success of a lifetime not just for me but also my baby girl so she can have a very bright future ahead of us!


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