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Show Your Laney Love!

Organized by Laney College President's Office
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Show Your Laney Love! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Show Your Laney Love! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Show Your Laney Love! shirt design - zoomed
Show Your Laney Love! shirt design - zoomed
Next Level 60/40 T-shirt

Buy a Laney Love T-Shirt to Show Campus Pride and Support the President's Emergency Scholarship Fund!

All funds raised will go directly to PERALTA COLLEGES FOUNDATION
$870 raised
48 items sold of
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Next Level 60/40 T-shirt, Unisex - Dark Heather Grey
Next Level 60/40 T-shirt
Unisex - Dark Heather Grey
Organized by Laney College President's Office

About this campaign

Our students are amazing! They demonstrate their commitment to learning on a daily basis, but sometimes we all face unforeseen financial difficulties that may be the difference between staying in school to dropping out.

Nationwide research shows that providing financial support for small emergencies like paying for car repairs or a bill can have a huge impact. I'm committed to helping build a fund that can provide these small grants in cases of emergency.

Showing your Laney Love is about pride for our college, our students and our communities. Whether you are a current student, employee, or an alum, I invite you to demonstrate your love and gratitude for this amazing College and each other, by wearing or gifting this shirt.

Proceeds go to support the President's Emergency Fund and you'll have the chance to be part of our #ShowLaneyLove campaign later this fall!

In community,


Zach Cohen 2 items

Because I have So much love for Laney!

Tram Ngo 1 item

Been receiving love from Laney. My turn to show love ❤️!

Mark C. Fields 1 item + $25

Its about the students!

Anonymous 1 item
Anonymous 1 item + $25
Antonio Watkins 2 items

Thanks for loving our students.

Danilo Gramajo 1 item
Mallory Barkdull 1 item + $5
Anonymous 4 items
Eleni Gastis 2 items + $50

Thank you, Tammeil, for always being so thoughtful and supportive of our students -- our true love!


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