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Strides not Strokes

Organized by Nicole Phelix
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Strides not Strokes Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Strides not Strokes Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Buy a shirt - Help a survivor - Spread awareness!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Nicole Phelix, the organizer for Nicole Phelix.
$2,480 raised
108 items sold of
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Black
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Nicole Phelix

About this campaign

Throughout this experience, countless people have said something like, "this shouldn't happen to someone your age." It did. It does. At first I focused on what I needed to do physically to recover. While I continue this area of recovery, I face the financial & emotional aspects I so desperately wanted to ignore. If you choose to aid in my recovery by purchasing a shirt, please know you are also joining me in the fight to spread awareness about young strokes!

At 26 years old, my world changed when I suffered a stroke due to a Vertebral Artery Dissection. The cause of this dissection remains unknown, and I quickly learned I was not alone in being a young stroke survivor. I lost functioning of the left side of my body, but clung to the hope my doctors gave me when they told me it would be possible to make a full recovery. Since taking my “first steps” for the second time in my life, I’ve regained a significant amount of strength back and have started to run again. I became determined to reach a goal of completing a 5K on October 21st and conned some supporters into joining me. Since nobody likes to run without a t-shirt involved, I began to brainstorm. I sent a text message to a wonderfully artistic friend of mine with the best description of the image in my mind, and she so perfectly turned it into the design you see.

Following my stroke, several people have asked how they can help and it has been hard to push my pride aside to accept what is being offered. Here is my offering: Buy a shirt if you feel so inclined— Custom Ink will share a percentage of the profits made. Here is what I ask of you if you do so: Share a helpful prevention tip, a part of my story, or the simple fact that you know a young stroke survivor when someone asks you about the shirt.

The more shirts sold = larger percentage of profit shared. Even better than that, the more shirts sold = more awareness spread about young strokes. Thank you for joining me in my come back!


Leslie Barnes 1 item + $20

Nikki - you have been an inspiration this past year! We support you! My mother had a stroke in 2006 and it took her over a year to recover. So proud of you, Nikki!

Kailey Schumacher & Billy Byrne 2 items

We love you Nikki!

Anonymous 1 item
The Johnson Family 5 items
Michael Mitchell 1 item

You're a treasured old friend and also my father had a stroke in September. This shirt is for him. Thanks for doing this.

lauryn klingler 1 item

inspired everyday by you, nikki! keep keepin' up the good fight my friend. think of you often. pre-stroke AND post-stroke, you still one of the baddest b's i know with them killer dance moves. #strokescannotstopusfromdancingtotimber

Lannon Gustafson 1 item
Lisa Linger 1 item

So proud of all you're doing friend!! You're a rock star <3

Jackie Cook 2 items

You inspire us every day, love you Nicole!

Gene Richardson 1 item + $50


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