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Read Between the Lines

Organized by BackStory Theatre
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Read Between the Lines Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt , Unisex - Light Blue
Hanes Perfect-T Crewneck Short Sleeve T-shirt
Unisex - Light Blue
Organized by BackStory Theatre

About this campaign

We all know theatre is the one place where it doesn't PAY to read between the lines! Okay, maybe that's just our punny way of asking for your help but we hope you enjoy the joke! Buy a shirt today to show you support BackStory today! BackStory uses theatre to enrich our community in a myriad of ways and we need YOUR help to make our studio a comfortable, useful place for all our community members and students to share.

With a mission to provide affordable access to high quality theatre arts education and performance opportunities for all ages, BackStory Theatre believes community is enriched by theatre. In 2022 we provided 50% of our programming for FREE to community members who might otherwise not have access to our unique activities. BackStory uses theatre as a powerful tool to build confidence, model pro-social behavior, and explore diverse experiences by building new stories together! In 2009, BackStory started with one class of 6 preschoolers and grew quickly as our community embraced our work! In 2018 we moved out of our storage units, staff homes, and vehicles to get our very first grown up studio space! Although it's tiny, we've loved our first little home! It allowed us to expand our outreach and deepen our curriculum and program impacts. Now, we've outgrown our little space and are excited for the next adventure! Our new space will feature multiple classrooms, a comfy waiting area, private lesson studios, and a performance and gathering space for use by many groups.


Mary A 1 item
Jacquelynn Johnson 1 item + $10
Zach Vaughn 2 items

Amazing org - we need the arts more than ever!

Serenity & Xochitl Yakes 2 items

Backstory has provided a wonderful place to grow and showcase our talent! They’re very positive and inspire creativity while encouraging you to be your most authentic self!

Kim Davis 1 item
Zöe Dilts 1 item

Growing up at backstory changed my life <3

Victoria Tibbetts 1 item

Theatre is a great place to practice many of the skills called upon in life.

Anonymous 1 item
Aimee Balkenende 3 items

We love theater with BackStory...such an amazing place to learn how to grow your comfort zone! Everyone gets a voice!!

Keri Dillingham 1 item

My daughter loved being a part of BackStory when she was little. Ms. Mary gave her the tools to be her best theatrical self and she's now a successful thespian at her high school.


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